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Weightvest For Osteoporosis

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My mother

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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

Would You Like to Lose Some Weight?

It seems as if half the women who call me to check sizing for a weight vest say they plan on losing weight soon. I always wonder how long they have been saying that. šŸ˜‰ I do remember from before I was on special diabetes diets that there was always about ten or so pounds that I was intending to lose.

I heard recently about a man who was over 300 pounds and had tried everything under the sun to lose weight. His name is Jon Gabriel and he wrote ” The Gabriel Method”. He talks about the mind being the most important factor in losing weight, rather than anything you may or may not be eating. I sent for the book because I’m always fascinated by mind power stuff and I thought that maybe I could do the opposite of whatever he said and put on a few pounds.

Well, the book is a total delight. It includes a downloadable mp3 track that you listen to before sleeping every night that is really one of the best hypnotic inductions I have ever heard. You have to be a bit careful listening to other people’s affirmations usually, but he doesn’t say one thing I wouldn’t say myself.

So his premise is that our bodies feel safer being fat because of famine in our history. We have to convince them that it really would be safer for us to be lean and strong. I loved the mp3 because it is full of positive messages,Ā so I changed it so that every time he said anything about losing weight my voice pops up with ‘gaining muscle’ instead. It is working like a charm. I have been doing the bodyweight exercises that I mentioned in a previous post butĀ must know how hard it is to gain muscle after 60. So the fact that I can actually see muscle definition in my arms at this point feels like a miracle to me.

I’m on a personal odyssey of transformation right now. I was inspired by getting off the thyroid and adrenal meds. I figured if I can do that then my body has unlimited potential for positive change. So now I am intent on gaining muscle, improving my eyesight, thickening my skin and thickening my hair. I’ll keep you posted!

Getting back to Jon Gabriel, I had written an email to him when I got the book asking what he thought about my using it to gain weight and his secretary called and said that he’d like to answer that personally and he would call me. The man lives in Australia, for pete’s sake!. Not only that but he doesn’t make permanent residual income from selling miracle supplements that his readers can’t live without. He is just selling his book and hoping to help many people who are as desperate as he was before he figured this out.

I got the call last week and it confirmed what I thought when I first heard his voice on the mp3. This guy is a gem! He was concerned about my diet. Everyone is when they hear I eat almost all fruit so I expected that. But he was very helpful and caringĀ and when I get my after picture of me with muscle I will certainly send in a testimonial.

So get the book. It’s full of really good information and very well-written. You don’t even have to change your diet in the beginning. Like the weight vest, as you start feeling better, you move around more, well, with this you start feeling better so you don’t want to keep eating junk. But you stop yourself naturally by preferring something better. This would be a great summertime read for you andĀ could be life-changing. Find out more at his site –

Here’s to saying goodbye to that lingering few pounds that your body is hanging onto so it doesn’t starve to death in a downturn.

Namaste, Pam

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