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Weightvest For Osteoporosis

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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

Worrying about Osteopenia and Bone Loss

I seem to have had a lot of calls and emails this week from people who are very worried about bone density loss. Some have just been diagnosed with Osteopenia, some have been working on Osteoporosis for some time.

One customer had a new dexa test after a year of using the weight vest and found she had improved her numbers in the spine and right hip, while her left hip got weaker – according to the scan. This is not at all logical and my inclination is to disbelieve the test. She has been rebounding with the vest and you can’t favor one leg when you rebound. There is a lot of evidence that the tests are different according to the machine used and according to the technician doing the test. They are variable – which is very anti-science. Science is supposed to be repeatable.

As you may know from previous posts, I don’t bother with bone tests excepting for the urine test that shows if you are actually losing bone right now. That is all I need to know. If I am not losing bone then my bone program is working and I don’t have to get upset about numbers. There is something about diagnoses and numbers that is very detrimental to our health. I’m a believer in the principle that what you focus on will appear in your reality, for example, start thinking of buying a Prius and then notice how many you see and how many people talk to you about them.

So our emotional life is very influential on our health; some people think it is the biggest influence, even more than what we eat, drink and breathe. I’m more and more convinced that this is so. The drug companies have parlayed what is normal bone thinning after menopause into a gazillion dollar industry selling drugs that actually cause bone loss and multiple other problems, by invoking a fearful response in relatively young women. Fear is the real killer!

It was the same with cholesterol. There is news recently that cholesterol is actually a protective measure against an acid diet and that there are as many people dying of heart attacks with no cholesterol problems as with them. I have never believed in the cholesterol myth but most Americans were certainly taken in by it. The article I read said that it would take a long while for doctors to admit to this drug company scam.

So my theory is that the fear about cholesterol put into people’s minds was more dangerous than the actual problem. The same with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, it’s the fear that causes the negative focus and negative emotions about it, that eventually effects your health. Your body will give you anything you focus on. If you think daily about your mum dying young of ——– and wonder when the axe will fall on you, then chances are it will, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

My message here is to watch your negative thoughts. When you find yourself fearful or worried about any possible disease, switch your thoughts as fast as possible to something you appreciate about your body or your life. Appreciation beats fear hands down! Now I am recovering from the candida problem I see that I was very fearful about it and focusing on it way too much. There is a balance between doing the concrete things that you have to do to get well and being totally involved in being unwell.

I now take time every morning to really appreciate my body for the miracles it does in every second of my day – without any conscious direction on my part! I know my body is a self-healing magician that has my best interests at heart. I send it appreciation and love and give the constant criticism the boot!

I was slowly and surely getting better from all the concrete measures that I took involving diet, supplements and exercise, but now I am reminded of the power of my mind to create in my body, I have taken a huge leap forward in wellness. Here is an example – when I awoke a month ago I would check in to see what was happening in my body; is my mouth dry, is my tongue white, am I groggy, etc. etc. I was looking for indications to see how well I should feel! I was asking my body – am I better today and gathering evidence that said NO. That was really dumb.

Now, as soon as I am conscious, I smile and then thank Source for the day and for my life. No need to check for errors in the program because I trust the program again now. My body has always been on my side, always will be, it will always do it’s best to give me what I focus on. I lost that trust when I was deep into the illness and it’s like coming home to get it back.

Take care,


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