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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.


Joy B. said that her doctor was very pleased because her dexa scan came back slightly better than before. He said that not having the regular yearly loss of bone was already an improvement so having a little gain in the spine after one year was a real bonus. Joy actually called me to ask about something else so I realized I might have to ask people about their tests when they call instead of waiting for people to let me know.

So now I have created this testimonial page I will make sure to put down everything that people tell me when we talk on the phone as well as written testimonials. And I think that people forget to tell me when they have good results but they do tell their friends. Most of my orders are from referrals. I’d rather keep the vest as cheap as possible than pay money to advertise.

A woman called to order her vest yesterday because her sister bought one a year ago and it raised her Dexa numbers considerably.

Another woman called to tell me that she’s only been wearing the vest for a month and she noticed in church that she doesn’t pull herself up using the pew in front any more. She just stands right up with the strength in her legs and back. Whoohoo!

Testimonials for the flex-weight vest:

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new weight vest.
The vest is very well constructed and durable.  I have been wearing the vest for about one hour each day, starting out with 4 weights (2 pounds) and have just increased to 8 weights (4 pounds).  The vest is very comfortable and breathable to wear.  The velco straps around the sides and back, as well as above the shoulders, ensure a proper fit. The zipper in the front makes for an easy on/off.   What a great design!
I also like the fact that the vest is made in the USA. 3/31/21

I haven’t added to this page for ages but a woman just called me for extra weights and she is so happy with the vest. She said it changed her life, she’s not bent over now and she really appreciates all the info on the site. She had tried other vests before mine and finds it hugely more comfortable. She was so enthusiastic and grateful. She made my day!   I said that walking with the vest on always calms me down in these troubled times and she totally agreed! 11/21/20

The vest is comfortable and attractive to wear inside or outside the house.  I’m pleased with the design and the workmanship.
I couldn’t be happier!  I”m glad that I found your website, the information and videos are helpful. to me as a beginner.  I’m amazed  by your energy,  you are so inspiring!. You’ve  given me hope and encouragement
to do the work needed to stop and reverse my osteoporosis.  JP

I just wanted to let you know my numbers improved for my osteoporosis.  I bought your vest in April or May of 2016 and have been wearing it for at least an hour, 5 to 7 days a week.  I also take Caltrate D, extra vitamin D and exercise for 30 minutes 5 to 7 days a week.   I have recommended your vest to several people.
Thank you for making the vest available to others.  I am so happy I don’t have to take a prescription for my osteoporosis! BK

It’s been two years since I started wearing your weight vest, and I want to tell you the results of my latest DXA-scan, done earlier this summer.

Of the three points measured, one was the same as 2 years ago and 2 were very slightly up, by .1.  That may not sound like much, but I started with just 4 pounds in the vest and only gradually increased the weight, to 9 pounds in June of this year.  So after 2 more years of wearing 9 and 10 pounds (my ultimate goal), I’m eager to see what my numbers are then, in 2019.
But what’s even more interesting is that my twin sister, Deb, had to stop wearing her vest after about a year because of hip and butt pain (not from the vest).  It turns out she has developed mild scoliosis and has been working at PT for over a year to try to get rid of the pain so she can return to wearing her vest.  Her scan results, taken the same day as mine, show a decrease in all three measurements.
So my sister and I have become a natural experiment in the effectiveness of your weight vest, and while my results might not (yet) be very big, they are moving in the right direction, a heck of a lot better than doing nothing (or taking medication loaded with scary side effects).
Now our goal is to get Deb back into her weight vest, no matter how light!
You sell a terrific product.  I’m still enthusing about it every chance I get! RS

I am slowly working up to everyday wearing my weight vest as I am in no rush. I have noticed that I feel more grounded on my walks with the vest vs without the vest. It’s a really good, secure, strong feeling I get.
Thank you for making the vest and sharing your knowledge with everyone.

Just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with this vest. Wish I had had it long ago.
It is well constructed and makes my back feel so good when wearing it.
Thank you for thinking of us out here in osteoporosis land. Appreciating all you do. BG

I am so thankful that I found your web site. The vest fits  You are good to your word and I appreciate the pH strips. Also, the information on your website and the invoice as well as directions shows not only how much you endorse your product— but how much you care about the person. RZ

The weight vests arrived on Monday (talk about priority shipping!), and my sister and I wore them grocery shopping on Tuesday, having adjusted the weight and the fit very easily.  I think this vest is wonderfully flexible, versatile, and easy to use, and so much better than taking drugs!  We have become walking advertisements for the vests, telling anyone who will listen what they are for.  We consider it a public service. Thank you for the speed, the friendliness, and the ease of ordering the vests. Rachel

Just to say thank you for my vest which arrived yesterday. It is exactly as it looks on the internet and seems really good.  I was very apprehensive buying from a site I didn’t know, especially as it was in the US, but my fears were completely groundless. Alison in England.

Let me join your other customers and tell you, I love my weight vest! It is a great design, and is exceptionally well made! (I love that there is no velcro at the front waist area so that I don’t scrape the underside of my forearms while wearing it.) I’m happy to report that I have now “graduated” to using all ten pounds in my weight vest, and I’m getting along with it very well (I often forget that I have it on).
Between taking the supplements, and doing more weight bearing exercises, I think that being diagnosed with osteoporosis has turned out to be a good thing! I’m feeling better–and stronger–than ever! AR

Loving the vest Pam! I’m up to 8 pounds of weights and use it to do my regular weights, power walks and wear it regularly for an hour or two every day around the house. I’ve noticed a difference in my posture and strength (and I thought I was fit before!)

It just will keep getting better and better! Great design. Thank you. Kim

Pam, I received my weight vest  and watched the exercise videos last week.  It is wonderful and fits so much better than my other Ironwear vest.   The videos very well done.  Thank you for doing so much research and for sharing it. You must be giving a lot of women hope. God’s blessings on you. Kathy

Thank you for sending my order so quickly! I received my vest yesterday and I just love your design! I have another weight vest (same manufacturer but really better for men) which, although well-made, I hated the way it smashed my breasts. Your vest design is really great for that and also for having the velcro straps in the back rather than the front – it makes it SO much easier to get on & off – plus the velcro kept snagging my clothes (other design). I have learned a lot from just reading through your web site and I’m going to be showing it to my friends and family. Your vest is truly the best on the market for women specifically. Thank you for putting so much thought into your great product! SK

I am finally getting a chance just now to write back about your vest. I admire the research and development that went into this wonderful vest, it’s perfect. There isn’t a thing that can be improved on. I’ve been a cardiac nurse for many years and I had to have a lumbar fusion of the back and am waiting for a cervical fusion. On top of that because of limited activity I just flipped over from osteopenia to osteoporosis. I’m hoping to improve on that with your vest. Even with all these problems I find I can comfortably wear your vest because it is snug, balanced, and it doesn’t pull at my neck. I wouldn’t advise someone with back trouble to do a lot of bending at the waist with the vest on until you realize how much weight you can tolerate and how it will affect your back. The key is to start out slowly! I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to help women like me. JRB

I recently ordered your weighted vest and I just wanted to let you know that I love it. I have only had it for a week, but I am already hooked.  The design is ingenious, the vest is very comfortable, and I actually look forward wearing it. Catherine

My new vest just arrived.  I LOVE IT!!!!!  It feels so good!  My husband even tried it on and now he won’t give it back to me.  Thank you for a wonderful product.  I am going to wear it to my next annual check up with my doctor!   She always brings up my bones.  Now I can show her one of the things I have been doing to improve my bone health! J

I received the weighted vest last week and have been wearing it every day for an hour while I walk.  I am up to 6lbs.  It has made my morning walks all the more enjoyable & beneficial. My posture has improved already. Lysa

Hi Pam, I got the vest and I really love it! I wear it when i work in my garden , or just when I do my daily chores and even when i go to the grocery store. It fit perfect! Thank you for creating this great design! MC

I am absolutely delighted with your weighted vest. It’s very comfortable and an excellent design. It feels great and after just a week of using it I am already noticing a positive difference in my posture. In fact, I wake up and the first thing I want to do it put on your weight vest! Thank you Pam for all the work you have put into this, I am already sharing your info with my friends and family. Barbara I received the vest. So far, so good! I’m still getting used to it, but it’s perfect for my small frame. It’s also surprisingly comfortable. I walk and feel like the back of a straight-backed chair is attached to my back, providing support.  ER

I just wanted to touch base with you about the weight vest I purchased last year from you. Because of scoliosis, I have always had one shoulder much higher than the other. So, a couple months ago I thought, why not put a little less weight on the low side and see if the other side will come down to match it. So I took two weights out of the low side so that the high side was heavier. Lo and behold, after a few weeks of wearing it in this way, the high side has come down (or the low side has come up) to match the other! Amazing. Thank you for a terrific product. Marilyn

I really like the vest. It fits and is comfortable and I’ve worn it 4 days so far. adjusting the weights for a good beginning. I really like how it helps my posture too. Marcia

Thank you for such an excellent quality product and for the swift shipping!  I’ve used it twice starting out with 6 lbs of weight.  I’m hoping to build strong bones without using Fosamax (or any other similar drugs) for my osteoporosis. I’ve also been watching the very informative videos. Armed with my weight vest and this new knowledge….I’m declaring war on osteoporosis! Paula

I’m really loving my new vest. It fits well and is comfortable and, since it is short, it looks good. The ability to customize fit at the shoulders and waist is a plus. Adjust the fit once then put it on like a jacket and zip it up. The rubberized weights slip easily into the pockets which are evenly distributed. A+ for design. Katie

I’m enjoying my new vest. Thanks for providing such a great product as well as the useful and friendly advice in your letter and DVD!  Joanie 

After returning home in June from a bone scan consultation that reported  osteoporosis and a recommendation of Fosomax upon my small frame, I was disappointed to say the least. My inner being was disturbed by the word Bisphophonates even as yet I had no knowledge of their side affects. I went to the computer and within the hour found your website and the answer to my prayer.    A treasure chest of  information, encouragement, kind words of hope, the best of products at the best of prices! Just reading your web pages put the fear flame out and I’m sure my bones began to heal immediately, even before I ordered my vest and new rebounder and began eating greener and better PH foods because I was now at peace knowing the right things I should and would do about the negative bone report. You Shine hope and joy into lives everywhere who read & head a better way that is right for the body and frame we’ve been given plus your constant encouragement & support sets people FREE from fear of drug side effects. Gloria

Just a note to let you know my vest arrived safe & sound today here in Australia. I am absolutely thrilled with it, certainly ticks all the boxes for me!!! Congratulations on a very well thought out design, so comfortable to wear & excellent quality… Money well spent I say!!!   Carmel I received the vest last week and have been comfortably wearing it, using the 5 day on, 2 day off schedule. It is adjusted to the smallest size and fits perfectly (5’3″, 105 lbs). One aspect to this vest that I had not considered is that there is an ever-so-gentle posture correction. I knew that my posture was not as it used to be, but am now standing and sitting up straighter and feeling much better about it. With the vest on my back is straighter, shoulders are lower and there is no problem with balance or movement. I live in VT and am outside and actively preparing the gardens for winter, cutting, hauling, digging and a myriad of other outdoor activities that keep me busy; the vest does not interfere with any of these activities.   Susan Will write to you in the spring about the results of my tests. I will be sure to tell my doctor, who advised me to get a weighted vest, about your website. Charlotte

All the testimonial below were for the old vest but the new vest is even better so I am sure I will have some reports of bone changes within a reasonable time.

My latest dexa showed a good increase of spinal density, with one hip staying the same and another slightly worse. I have changed how I use the vest from just walking, to adding walking up and down steps in my home many many times in a row several times a day with lunges and squats and plies done with the vest for as many reps as I can stand while watching tv. Since my spine is improved I now add vertical jumps with the vest for 2 min daily as described in Dr. Snow’s weight vest research article. I also used the vest while on an eliptical machine with the highest resistance on the pedals. and on our treadmill with an incline. I didn’t get osteoporosis because I was frail or out of shape – it’s genetic. My mom got it in her early 40’s. The fact that I increased my spinal density in only one year and almost held my own with my hips leads me to believe with some more time and tweaking my exercises with my vest I will win this fight! The vest is so versatile – I use it for tai chi, yoga, hiking, walking hills, walk aerobics, step aerobics, kickboxing , housework, doing your daily errands,rebounding etc. It’s use is only as limited as your imagination and maybe your fitness level. Dulcy

I love this vest! With a family history of osteoporosis, I had to try something! when I’m not wearing it, I remember to stand straight and tuck in my tummy. It really works! I like the quality fabric and it is greatly put together. It is easy to wash. The pocket holds house keys when I walk a couple miles. THANK YOU FOR CREATING IT!! Mary Ellen

Hi Pam, Just to let you know, I have been wearing the weight vest since the day I got it and I love it.  I started with 4 lbs and I’m up to 10lbs. now. Along with taking a small dosage of strontium and calcium, eating lots of vegetables & fruits and exercise which consist of an 8lb medicine ball, walking, floor exercise and wearing the weight vest for 1 hr every morning for 5 days a week, I have gained 4.2% density in my spine. I was a hair away from having osteoporosis.  My results showed a mild case of osteopenia in my spine and my hip was normal.  I was so excited about my results, I have been beyond myself.  My doctor says he wants to repeat the test in 2 years and for me to continue what I am doing. I have had a bone density test for the last 7 years every year as I have been losing density until now. I am 66 years old, small weighing 110 lbs and have been told by my physician because of my age and size my bones would not absorb calcium.  I told him I was not willing to accept that and I would go the alternative way and through prayer and faith in God, he has been proven wrong.  No matter what size or how old a person is, it can be reversed and without Fosamax, Boniva or any of those chemicals.  I tried them all and could not take them.  This is a more natural and healthier way which I love. Thank you so much for sharing your research about osteoporosis. Maggie

Hey Pam, I just got my test results back and I have increased bone in both neck and spine. It’s only been a year and a half and you said it would take longer. I’m so happy and excited. It’s been no hardship to keep on the program because I enjoy wearing the vest. Thank you so much for all your help. Tammi

The weightvest is very comfortable. I wear it around my home while I am doing chores, It aligns the spine beautifully. I feel strong and empowered. I am now using all the weights supplied. I am  telling people about your weight vest and exercise/supplement protocol. I am so pleased I found you here on the web Thank you Alexia , Holistic Health Counselor

First let me tell you how much I enjoyed the videos – I watched BOTH of them today and then jumped on the rebounder for a while.  You are truly an inspiration.  I have been a massage therapist for 16 years and I have always exercised regularly so I had no trouble with the exercises.

I also wanted to let you know that I discovered your website surfing the net for osteopenia exercises while I was recovering from Boniva poisoning.  I was reluctant to take it, but armed with the results of my DEXA scan (which weren’t all that bad) my doctor and my daughter (who is a doctor) scared me with horror stories of breaking a hip and ending up a vegetable in a nursing home.  I became very ill almost immediately after I took it and was only barely functional for two weeks.  I finally told my daughter that she would have to shoot me before I took another one of those drugs (by mouth, nose or injection) and she could just push me around in a wheelchair for 20 years. The weight vest, rebounder and bar assembly cost less than 7 Boniva pills. Carol S

I like knowing I am taking positive action toward increasing bone density even when I am simply going about my normal activities. I like the simple exercise routine you have come up with to do while wearing it. It is a well made and quality vest that will, no doubt, stand up to lots of wear. The design of the vest and distribution of weights is so comfortable that I feel better wearing it then not! I admire your independence, ingenuity and industriousness in seeing a problem and not simply following the “accepted” course of action. You did research and educated yourself and through nutrition, exercise and the use of this tool you have come up with a solution that has shown positive results. And what I like even better is that you are sharing all these things that have helped you with others who are in a similar situation. Laurie L

I received the short weight vest last week in the mail.  I wore it walking the first day and it was great and very comfortable to wear.  Love how it’s made.  My daughter tried it on and was amazed how she felt it helped her posture. Just wanted to say thank you and I am going to keep it and hope to see results with my next bone scan test next year. Bev

Thanks for being so conscientious and scrupulous about finding the best deals for your customers.  It gives one a lot of confidence in dealing with a stranger over the internet.  Even if all the things ordered aren’t”luxury” items, but for one’s health, it’s still a fair size chunk of change–and, in a way, another gamble on the ever-changing advice on what to do to stay healthy. Hormones good; hormones bad; hormones good again!   If the proof is, indeed, in the pudding, any approach concerning the bones takes such a long while to realize that one really is taking a leap of faith. So, thanks for making it feel like I made the right choice.  I look forward to receiving the rebounder system and vest and I plan to incorporate them into my routine as soon as I suss out exactly what to do. Jo

I used the weight vest for about one month now.  I love it!  I have many senior friends who have osteopenia or osteoporosis problems.  I told them about your vest and already gave away the three flyers you sent me.  Although a few of them do not use internet, I introduced your superb website to all of my friends. The vest is really very well made and very strong carrying 10-lb added weights.  I felt very lucky that I decided to purchase the weight vest from you after searching the web and saw so many different choices. What strikes me the most is what you say in your web site.   They are not only words; they are words without commercialism, but also the sincerity behind those words, with love and caring in mind.  You mentioned that those vests were made by a very nice lady who treats her workers well.  That touched my heart.  There were so much love and caring in the priorities you hold.

Thank you for designing such wonderful vests.  Please keep up your wonderful work in helping and informing the seniors. LL, California.

Pam, Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply.  You are such a blessing to so many women.  You give comforting advice that is so needed.  Thank you for all that you do to educate us on the truth about osteoporosis. Sue, Michigan.

Pam, I so much appreciate your personal service. You were so kind to me on the phone even though I ordered the wrong size, and you got another vest out to me in no time. You spent so much time answering all my questions, I’ve never had service like it! I sure felt better about ordering from the internet after speaking with you. God bless you! Shirley

I first watched the DVD’s and found then to be very informative and helpful. The photography and layout quality was professional. I appreciated your pleasant, well-mannered, presentation. It is obvious a lot of thought and planning went into making these DVD’s. I am pleased to see how well designed your weight vest is. I like having the weights positioned at the shoulder/upper back height. My previous weight vest had the weights positioned at the bottom and as I walked they hit the front of my thighs, caused my back to hurt and I always felt out of balance. However, today I did my usual 3-mile walk wearing your weight vest with the 4-one pound weights in. I felt so well balanced that I hardly noticed they were there. Yes, I have been slouching forward lately perhaps from too much computer and osteoporosis. I hope this will get me back upright again. I also like the shoulder loops and the wall cup hook idea for hanging the vest up. That definitely is a neater way to store it and a quicker, easier, way to put it back on. It is clear you have developed this vest from your personal experience. Thank you so much for you thoughtful efforts. Jo-Anne

Your site was a great find for me. I was so worried when I got the diagnosis of osteopenia and the doctor wanted to get me on Fosomax. After watching your dvds I feel good about my decision to try alternatives first. What bugs me is that I’m a fit person and I always have eaten right. I just don’t know where this is coming from. But the vest will be a step in the right direction I’m sure. Paula T

My sister and I loved the dvds. We felt like we were listening to a friend. Some of the information was really eye-opening. Thank you for all your work for women! Melissa and Patricia – testimonial taken on the phone.

I’m 76 years old and have had the vest for three months. In that time the bad feeling I had in my legs is gone and I feel much stronger. All my children have noticed my better stance and I feel more upright. I will definately never go on those drugs so I’m grateful for all your information. Joan – testimonial taken on the phone.

I originally had a walkvest but it made me so sore because the weights were hitting me as I walked. I thought your vest was worth a try and I could tell the difference the moment I put it on. I hardly noticed the weight at all. I am already noticing that I am able to lift the grocery bags out of the trunk much more easily just from wearing it for a few weeks. Elizabeth J.

Hi, Pam, I received the vest yesterday and wore it for an hour with 4 pounds, and today had it on for several hours–it’s so comfortable I kept forgetting to take it off! My posture is good to begin with, but I can see how it would improve poor posture by increasing proprioceptive awareness, if for no other reason. The vest is very well designed (love the quick-dry river-runner-shorts fabric) and well made–my compliments to your construction crew! Camille

Hi Pam – I am going to keep my vest – I love it!!!  I have had two people recognize how much straighter I am standing up since using it and it has only been a week that I am using it.  I really like it – it is not overbearing to wear and it does improve your posture.  Thanks for all your help!!! Susan

Pam, thanks for all your help getting the size right and all the information you shared on the phone. You spent so much time with me and I’m grateful for your kind words. God bless you! Beth

Pam, I’m finding your DVDs very helpful. I’ve watched both of them twice..and now find using the exercise ‘chapters’ really advantageous. I’ve left some of the flyers at my internist’s and my gynecologist’s offices., also at my Senior Center. Both doctors seemed enthusiastic about me using the vest. I’m totally into finding healthy solutions other than medications..which I won’t take. I know I will stick to this program with the weighted vest. My T score now is -2.2..I’m looking forward to seeing my new T score two years from now. I am fairly small..5’2″ and 106 lbs..I don’t think any other vest would be comfortable for me to use. Pam, I’m sure you have helped so many people. God Bless you for that. From your DVDs, which are very informative and professional, you also come across as a woman totally devoted to helping people. (and you have a cute smile..:-) Gail

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