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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

Stop Taking Calcium Supplements Now!!

Ok, I’ve been warning women for years that the calcium supplements they were taking were having bad effects and were stored in the brain. All those special bone supplements that incorporate the “right” amount of calcium are also bad for you. Now there is proof.

I wonder if all the people putting out special bone vitamins will pay attention to this and change their vitamin recipes. Probably not, that would cost them money and profit.

My favorite health writer, Sayer Ji, and GreenMedInfo just put out a new blog here that shows that taking calcium supplements, even in low doses, causes brain lesions.

This is a study that was ignored by the main stream health media completely but Sayer Ji is a relentless researcher and just found it. Read the whole article because it explains exactly how this happens and shows that the study was very well-run and covers all the options – unlike studies from drug companies.

I get all my calcium from foods, mainly greens, so I haven’t taken those little ground up rocks for 20 years. I can somehow feel when my body doesn’t like what I give it and I knew they were not good for me. I have to admit I sometimes go on a sugar binge but I take full responsibility for that and usually only do it when I am extremely stressed 😉

Here is a short quote from the article which shows his point of view, which matches mine, on bone health very well:

“As we have reported on extensively in the past, not only is consuming limestone, bone, and the shells of oysters and eggs not a good idea because the calcium can deposit in our soft tissues leading to heart attacks and strokes, but even the goal of maintaining bones as dense as a 25-year old late into life (known as the T-score) is fraught with danger, including a far higher breast cancer risk for those with the highest bone density. Instead of pathologizing aging, and focusing on making the bone denser by any means necessary, the focus should be on bone quality and agility and bodily self-awareness late into life, which helps the elderly prevent the falls that lead to fracture in the first place. In other words, simply having a gait or vision disorder can be at least as an important factor in fracture risk as bone mineral density. ”

All the links to his other articles should still work.

Some customers have told me there are new supplements now that use calcium from food but even those are suspect IMHO. Food has a huge array of components, like a recipe from Mother Nature, and processing the heck out of it to get one ingredient to sell as a capsule is probably not good.

I know most of us want something quick and easy to put in our mouths to keep us going, like gassing up the car, but our bodies deserve more respect than that. The more respect and love you give them the better they love you back. I’m coming down the home stretch to 75 now and not a day goes by that I don’t remember what I owe my beautiful body for coming through for me every single day.

I say, before I get out of bed, “Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, beautiful body, let’s have an enchanting day today.” That always makes me smile. Life is an adventure for us, my body and me 😉

I wish you all the same. And don’t flush those useless pills down the toilet. All over the US we have other people’s drug cocktails in our water already. And don’t ask me why doctors are pushing calcium down our throats harder every day. We’ve been down that road before and some women don’t like me telling them the reason. They’d rather not know.



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