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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

New Look at Vitamin D3

You probably all know that calcium will not make bone in your body without the help of Vitamin D3. In my videos there is a clip of me glugging down Cod Liver Oil from a tablespoon. I was under the impression that I was exceeding my need for Vitamin D3 by a pretty large amount, since the RDA, which we all know is ridiculous, is only 400 IU. A tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil gives 1200 IU plus I have 800 IU in my multi-vitamin.

Imagine my surprise when a test showed my Vitamin D3 level to be 27 while the preferred range is 70 – 100. If I upped my intake of the oil then the amount of Vitamin A, which is also in the oil, might be excessive. There is almost no danger in excess Vitamin D supplementation but that is not the case with Vitamin A.

So I started researching and found an amazing new book, The Vitamin D Cure. It is really a necessary read if you want to get to the bottom of the bone-building mystery. Dr Dowd says the same as I have always said, that we take too much calcium and it’s dangerous.

Since more than half the American population of any age is Vitamin D deficient this is not a minor problem. Age, brown skin, and obesity add to the likelihood of you lacking in this vitamin.

Our bodies make Vitamin D from the sun mostly, there are few foods that have it. So how much sun do you get on a daily basis, without sunscreen? Not much, I’ll bet. I’m in California but a beautiful sunny day might go by entirely without my presence while my nose is buried in my computer. We don’t store Vitamin D either so it’s not something you can get on your vacation to last the year.

The other thing Dr Dowd goes into in depth in his book is the acidification of our diets, our lack of fresh vegetables and fruits and overconsumption of refined grains and dairy products. He is singing my song – green vegetables every day, as much raw as possible and regular exercise. I really recommend the book. If you take enough Vitamin D3 to get your numbers within the preferred range, you can expect your health to improve in amazing ways including pain erasure and more flexibility.

I am now taking a total of 5000 IU of Vitamin D. That’s 3 1000 IU capsules added to the Cod Liver Oil and multi. I will have another test in 3 months and see if I have reached my goal. The number is based on my weight according to a table in the book.

Another interesting thing is that you can cut your extra calcium supplements out when you have your Vitamin D within range. He has a very interesting and somewhat complicated chapter on the interactions of calcium and D3 that explains a lot.

Your children and grandchildren should be taking more Vitamin D also. The D they add to milk is probably D2, which is not as absorbable and not as easily recognized by the body. It will help them in every conceivable way and perhaps they will not grow up to have bone issues as we do. Dr Dowd makes the case that our bone patterns were laid down during pregnancy and childhood by the availability of Vitamin D. I know that we children were given Cod Liver Oil and Malt from a spoon when we were young but my mother was never given any during pregnancy, the most important time.

So, get the book, it will be something you can recommend to your whole family. Then get some supplements, 1000 IU Vitamin D3. I got Now Foods, 180 capsules for less than $5-. Can you imagine something that will be life-changing that is so cheap! Then get rid of the acidifying stuff in your diet and exercise regularly in moderation. That’s a formula to send your biological age going backwards.



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