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Weightvest For Osteoporosis

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My mother

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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

Healthy Diet.

High blood sugar is implicated in almost every one of the chronic diseases of the typical older American, including osteoporosis. More and more people are getting diabetes
as they age. Our bodies can’t cope with the amount of unnatural sugars in our diet.

I am a type 1, adult onset diabetic and I was on a dozen different radical diets to try to prevent the chronic results of the diabetes.
I liked the Rosedale diet, no processed food and almost all protein and fats. But after a while I felt clogged up on it.

So I switched to another radical diet, 80-10-10 by Dr Graham. This one advocated all raw fruits and some vegetables, mostly greens, to the total exclusion of all else.
No salt, condiments, fats, proteins, no teas or drinks except water. Why do these diet people throw away the baby with the bathwater? His theory about diabetes and osteoporosis is that fat and all man-made sugars eaten together create those diseases. It sounded logical enough to me to give it a good try. The WHO actually supports Dr Graham on the amount of fat and protein that is good for health, which is about 10% and is found in most veggies and fruits.
You might notice that these diets are total opposites.

I did so well on that diet, amazingly enough, that I adhered to it strictly through an entire year. I actually stopped taking thyroid and adrenal drugs because my system healed itself and started working well again. And I lowered my insulin intake quite a bit. I liked it a lot after I figured out which fruits I could enjoy day after day although I did get a bit bored with it. But I was getting really skinny and my family just wasn’t happy with that.

So then I took into account the Abraham-Hicks work on being the best that you can be. They said that humans can eat anything that they believe is good for them and thrive.
Which actually makes a lot of sense. The reason why Americans as a whole have been getting sicker is not just the aisles full of junk food that weren’t there 20 years ago, but also the belief, while you are stuffing it down, that it is REALLY BAD FOR YOU.

So I realized that there is no one diet that will suit everyone but the common things with all good diets are the throwing out of almost everything you can buy in the supermarkets. Supermarkets don’t sell food any more, they sell drugs for our addictions, mostly sugar. All starch turns to sugar in the body within an hour so potato, bread, cereal are all like eating sugar. And the fats in processed food are cheap and toxic, trans fats.

What you could do is, eat whatever you are craving but only if it makes you feel good after you eat it as well as during the eating. So, instead of eating for your taste buds alone, you notice how that food affects you, half an hour, 3 hours, a day later. Do you feel lively and happy, or plugged up and sated, ready for a nap.

One of the things that most people find it hardest to give up is bread, pastries, etc. We are often allergic to grains and therefore crave them daily. Most people who eat bread, eat it every day. In fact, if you take the non-sweet eater’s bread away, it would be like taking candy from a sweet craver. Listen to them whine and complain.

To test if you are allergic to sugar or bread, all you have to do is not have any at all for a day.
See how you feel. Are you miserable? Then have some on an empty stomach the next morning and see how you feel. If you feel suddenly happier then you’ve just had a fix of your favorite allergen. Stopping eating a food that is not an allergen for you rarely makes you feel miserable.

What I do believe is that everyone could benefit from eating foods which keep their pH in balance and that is raw fruits and veggies. So we could all add a few of those a day and just see how it feels.

2012 Update: I eased up on diets in the last year and ate whatever I fancied then I started having Candida troubles again, leading to leaky gut, and that can really mess up your health, so I investigated the GAPS diet. If you put that in search at you will find a great interview with Dr Campbell-McBride. So I am starting on that diet. The thing that
I liked about it is that she said veggies and fruits, especially raw, are cleansing. Meat broths, eggs, fermented kefir from raw goat milk are all building to the body.

So once you get through the introductory phase of healing your gut, you just ask your body, do you need cleansing right now, or building. I think the raw fruit diet worked for me for so long because I needed to cleanse so many toxics from my body. I had a lot of mercury fillings and root canals and they were killing me slowly.
This is not really a diet, it’s a lifestyle and requires work but I’m getting it all figured out now and I’m loving the fermented foods that she recommends for healing. So we’ll see what happens. I think the raw fruit diet was just feeding my sugar addiction really, that’s why I stayed on it for so long. Now I’m kicking the addiction and I don’t have sugar cravings any more and it’s only been a month.

I don’t even look at processed food now. Read the labels and see what you are eating. It’s scary! And don’t think the corporate food giants care a whit for your health. They just want to get you addicted so you are constantly reaching for more and their cash registers go Ching! Ching!

2015 Update: Now I am on a mixed diet. In the morning I have meat, then the rest of the day I have fruits and veggies – no dairy, processed sugars or grains. The only grain I have is a little brown rice once in a while with coconut cream when I want to gain a pound or two. I have cut out all processed foods once again. It’s amazing how they sneak back in when you are socializing or when you are bored. I get all my food at the Farmers Market or Trader Joes and at TJs I have to be very careful because there is more non-nutritious stuff there all the time. I am eating green juices, homemade soups, raw nuts and seeds, plus goat cheese and eggs for protein and hempseed oil or avocado oil and coconut oil for healthy fats. I am up to 120 lbs again and plan to stay there.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a medical practitioner and have no ability to diagnose or treat disease. This site is intended for informational purposes only. Everyone should make their own health decisions after getting
all the information they need.