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Weightvest For Osteoporosis

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My mother

Weightvest my mother

Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

I got my blog back!

With all the changes I had to make in the site to accommodate the new style of vest, my blog dropped into a black hole somewhere in cyberspace. Now my great website builder has got it back with most of the old info intact.

Lots of things have changed for me. One thing that has to do with bones, is that I had a fall in April and broke two toes. It was actually a flying leap rather than a fall. I was walking in a strange place, in a strange country actually, in the dark, really dark, and I tripped over a little wall and flew down into a concrete culvert beside the road. The doc there said I hadn’t broken my foot but I had broken my wrist.

When I looked at the place in daylight I couldn’t see how I hadn’t broken my leg, my hip or my neck! So when I got back to the US I found I actually had broken two toes and my wrist was just sprained. Not knowing my toes were broken I had danced for an hour on them when I got back. So I waited 6 weeks and then got back to dancing with no problems.

My takehome from this was that my bones must be pretty strong and resilient to have survived such a fall. That’s the thing about the bone tests, it measures density, which is irrelevant. We need strong but flexible bones to survive falls. And better balance so we don’t fall, which didn’t help in this case 😉

The transition to the new style of vest was frustrating and took 3 times longer than I expected but everyone loves them and I think they are a huge improvement. I am ready to move forward on some new videos and more information. I have a whole stack that I haven’t had time to process. It’s funny because there are new articles about bones all the time but mostly the information that I put on this site 8 years ago is still the basic stuff everyone needs to know to get stronger without drugs. And those who have taken the bisphosphonates for any length of time just have to work a bit harder to get back into bone strength and get all the junk bone out of their system.

I’ll tell you about my new allergy-free food plan that is clearing up the Hashimotos and diabetes for me next week.

Put your vest on and have a great day,

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