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Weightvest For Osteoporosis

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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size women fit into this vest?

I would say that under 90 lbs would depend on your body shape. If your torso is like a child, you buy clothes in the childrens or teens section, then it probably won’t fit you.
If you are over 170 lbs it also may not fit you, but the good news is, you don’t need a weight vest so much at that weight, you just need to start moving.
I cannot afford to pay shipping back and forth for you to try this out. I’m pricing the vests with a low profit margin so that more women can afford them. So if you are in doubt about whether it will fit you, decide whether you want to risk the $25- for shipping both ways or give me a call.

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What makes this weight vest the best one for bone problems?

When I designed my first vest some years ago, no-one was talking about weight vests for bones. Now there are many companies jumping into the market. Most of them have their weights in the wrong places. My new vest with flex weights is even better than the first one.
Next time you have a heavy grocery bag, experiment with the weight of it. Hold it to your belly and see how that feels, then hold it to your chest and see how that feels, then balance it on your shoulder and see how that feels. Walk with it in each position. Notice how having the weight on your shoulder feels heavier and more solid, affecting you down to your feet.
The companies who put weights on top of breast tissue are really ill advised. Ask any oncologist if women should have weights put on top of their breasts and they will all say no. This is dangerous for women.

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Why is it so expensive?

Women have called and asked why my vest is more expensive than the ones in Target and Walmart. There are two reasons; mine is a high quality product made in the US and in small quantities, so I pay a lot more, probably four times as much, than the companies who get theirs made in China in the thousands. But their vests are mostly languishing in closets and don’t get worn. Some are just uncomfortable and some are dangerous. Many women have been wearing my vests regularly for more than three years and they still look like new. Can you say that about most of your clothing?
The other professional weight vests like the xvest, which feels like a straitjacket, are much more expensive than mine. I am actually selling the vest at discount, charging only for the cost, the expenses of the site and cart and my time. There is no profit added so I cannot sell wholesale.

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Can I wash it?

Yes, You can wash it by hand or in the machine on low temp and hang to dry. It is a very strong, synthetic fabric but if you want it to last a long time take a little more care.

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Will the weight vest help me lose weight?

Yes, the other weight vest sites say it will and Dr Fuhrman of “Eat to Live” recommends weight vests for his overweight patients. The vest will increase metabolism and cause your body to work harder.

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Will the weight vest lower my blood sugar?

Yes, walking or bouncing on the rebounder with your weight vest will lower your blood sugar significantly and decrease your insulin resistance.

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How much weight do I start with?

1 recommend starting with 4 lbs of weight – see How to use the vest.

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How much weight should I work up to?

Even athletes are only recommended to go up to 10% of their body weight. I think that the ten pounds that comes with the vest is the most I will ever use.

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How soon will I feel better about myself?

I’m pretty sure that, if you wear the vest every day and do the exercises here as best you can, then you will feel more upbeat within 21 days. Moving and breathing are the two essentials for a feeling of wellbeing and joy.

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Do I have to do this forever?

Yep, I’m afraid so! Use it or lose it!

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How soon can I take another bone test to see if it’s working?

Bones don’t change very fast. Plus my personal opinion, which is being seconded by more and more people as the years go by, is that dexa scans cannot be trusted. The same companies own the scanning machines and sell the pills. In fact, the machine was invented because to sell the drug that nobody wanted. Given that the drug companies are being found out on scams, falsifications, and downright lies every week, I totally disregard dexa test results. You could do a urine test called the N-tx test to see if you are still losing bone markers in the urine. This is a good indicator of bone health.

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What happens if I skip some days?

You have to start back with a little less time in the vest or a little less weight. You will probably have to reinspire yourself to get back into it. Read the site or reread the Myths book and get going again.

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Shall I ask my doctor if it’s ok to wear the vest?

Yes, doctors are beginning to know about the weight vest. More are recommending them all the time. Physical therapists have used them for years for many reasons. But don’t return the vest after the ten days guarantee period is long over and say your doctor didn’t like it. It’s your job to find out if your doctor is ok with it before you buy.
Also don’t buy it just because your doctor told you to. He doesn’t have to wear it. You do! Read the site and decide how much responsibility you want to take for your bones.

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What if I have neck or back issues?

If you have long-term back or neck problems then it is probably not a good idea to add weights to those areas. Be kind to yourself and get your back or neck treated first. Back and neck pain are not normal or something you have to live with – they are indicators that something in your life is out of balance. There are many ways to treat them including bodywork like Feldenkrais or the Melt Method.

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Will I be sore when I start?

You may notice a little tenderness in your thighs the first few days. If anything else hurts then you overdid it or you need to do some of the relaxation exercises on the DVD.

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Will the vest make my back ache?

Actually it improved back aches for my testers and customers. They all remarked on how much more upright they felt with the vest on. We all slump forward as we age and the vest seems to act like a brace. If you have back or neck problems already then a weight vest is not advised- see question above. The other solution is to go really slow on the adding of weights. I have women starting at 2 lbs and going up really slowly and that works for them.

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What are the weights made of?

They are made of  powdered steel mixed up with a rubbery casing so that the metal is not exposed in any way. This also makes them soft and flexible so they are comfortable, don’t bounce around on your body and would cushion you in a fall.

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Will the weights fall out if I bend over?

No, they are held snugly in each pocket so you can do cartwheels anytime. I am starting to use them for my dance class and I find that I can only wear the vest for a few songs before I get a good workout. I bend every which way and the weight stay put.

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Will people notice my vest?

Sometimes people notice it. I’ve made several new acquaintances explaining my vest. Mostly people are totally wrapped up in their ME universe and don’t notice anything.

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Do you make the vests yourself?

The vests are made here in the US in a great factory by Ironwear Fitness. They have been in the fitness and weights field for 25 years. No child or underpaid labor on these vests!

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What if I can’t wear it for any reason?

You have ten days to decide if this is for you or not. You will know within a day usually. The only rule is; It has to come back looking the same way it went out so that I can sell it again – no makeup or pet hairs and all the weights back in their pockets. I think that’s fair. I’m not Walmart or Amazon and I cannot absorb extra costs like damaged returns. This has not been a problem as I get very few returns. But the more well-known the vest becomes the more unsuitable people will buy them. I liked it better before doctors started recommending them because all my customers were women who had done their own research. If you are under 90 lbs and over 180 lbs the vest may or may not fit you, depending on your body shape, and you have to pay shipping both ways to find out. You can clearly see, on the site and in the videos, what you are buying. So think carefully if you are prepared to do the work of building bone before you buy – this is not a magic pill.
If you return it after the 10 day trial period I have the right to refuse the package or charge you 20% restocking fee.

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Can I call you before I buy if I have questions?

Certainly, I love to talk to people. Many people who have bought from my other site over the last four years just want to find out if there really is a human called Pam. The net has a lot of make-believe personas. I’m here most of the time and I’m on California time – 805 684-4071. If I have to go out I will return your call asap. East Coasters, California time is 3 hours behind you. Please don’t call me at 5 oc in the morning, my business is run out of my home.

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Does the vest have latex?

Nope, not a bit. It may smell funny at first because it is synthetic fabric but hang it up to air for a couple of days, outside if possible, and that will go away.

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