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Weightvest For Osteoporosis

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My mother

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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

Exercise – A Delicate Subject

This is a delicate subject for two groups of women – those who need to get up off their tush and move around more, and those who exercise like it’s a drug they can’t give up.

We all need exercise to keep us strong and healthy into old age, everyone will acknowledge that. But I have been amazed at how many younger women are calling me with bone loss and fears about osteopenia and osteoporosis. Most of them eat relatively healthy, don’t drink sodas and workout regularly, and can’t understand why this is happening to them.

Now I find that the conclusion I had come to, that they are overexercising, is becoming more widespread. If you google ‘over-exercising’ you will find a lot of information and opinions. The trouble is that it is mostly opinion.

My opinion is that if you are exercising enough to kick in endorphins, that is in length of time or intensity, you are probably not doing your bones, or longterm health, too much good. Our bodies like moderation, they like balance. The reason we have endorphin release upon exercise is to give us strength to get away from tigers and bears and disasters. We were never designed to use that release on a daily basis. That’s why marathoners are no longer lived than the general population. Our own endorphins are as powerful as heroin and most women who exercise to excess wouldn’t dream of using that.

These women don’t want to hear about lowering their exercise levels even to benefit their bones. They definitely are addicted to exercise. Some have body image issues, some are using exercise in the same way many women use food, to suppress emotions.

What is true is that our bodies can do one of three things at one time; move, digest food, or feel our emotions. That is why many emotional release programs have you dance and move around vigorously to get to another emotional place. That works, but, in the long run, we have to feel our emotions fully or they will come back to haunt us.

If I feel and acknowledge every emotion as it occurs then it doesn’t get stuck in my body and need to be covered up with cookies or a jog. One good technique is to notice where in your body you are feeling the emotion and put your hands right there. Then feel it fully. Then exaggerate it. If someone said you need to lose weight you say whatever is in your mind – she hates me, I’m obese, I’m useless, etc… whatever comes up. Keep on exaggerating until you finally have to come to a place where it’s funny, it’s hilarious.

We can’t stop people we love or people we work with inflicting their opinions on us. Many people would much rather look at someone else’s perceived problems than deal with their own. But it becomes hilarious when someone who can barely move tells us that we are too skinny or working too hard. I’ve had both comments a lot since starting the rawfood diet because I have lost weight and have so much energy that I am creating new things all day.

Just bless people and know that they think they are speaking out of love and concern, then get back to giving your body what it really needs – fresh, clean food, sunshine, plenty of rest, appreciation, love and the right amount of exercise.

Next post will be about my progress on the rawfood diet. Pam


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