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Weightvest For Osteoporosis

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My mother

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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

Connection between Gluten Sensitivity and Osteoporosis

I have always seen the diagnosis of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis as a warning, a shot across the bow of your life. Time to wake up and take notice, something isn’t working.

Certainly it is diet related, we are what we eat, certainly it is movement related, our bums are in a chair waaaay too much, and almost certainly it is stress related, too much going on in our busy lives.

It’s certainly not because we are lacking Fosomax or Prolia, which are poisons to our bodies.

So I sell the vest, which is a big start on healthy bones, I try to convince women to test their pH and find out how acid they are and realize how that is robbing their bones. And I talk about all the things that you shouldn’t be eating, not knowing how many ears are open to that. I sometimes think everyone wants a quick fix so they can get back to their distorted lives, business as usual.

But many women call me who say they have eaten well for years, vegetarians mostly, and they hike all over Creation and they are very upset that they have bone loss. So I knew there was another link that I wasn’t getting.

But now I know what the connection to diet truly is! I have been investigating my own 2 auto-immune diseases, Diabetes 1 and Hashimotos. An auto-immune disease is where your body is mistaking it’s own tissue for the enemy and trying to destroy it. Once it starts doing this it keeps on doing it, attacking more and more tissues. So I have been reading a stack of books on auto-immune diseases and I’ve learned an incredible amount.

The reason why your body starts attacking itself is that you develop a leaky gut. So imagine your intestines as a long tube lines with shag carpet. I’m borrowing this analogy from Dr Tom O’Bryan of, a gluten specialist. Each one of the shags in the carpet is a pathway for the body to process something, say calcium or protein or glutathione, whatever is in the food you are eating. But when you eat food that you are sensitive to, food that is not good for you, your body reacts by wearing down the shag, making holes in the wall of the intestine and allowing undigested proteins into your bloodstream.

So your shag carpet looks more like berber now and you can’t assimilate your food correctly. The protein can’t get broken down into it’s amino acids, your calcium can’t get absorbed into your bones, etc. etc.

The foods that do this consistently and upset your body ecology the most are gluten and dairy. Perhaps that is why countries where those foods are not eaten have less osteoporosis. There are estimates that say 70% of people now are gluten and dairy sensitive. Many of these people, more women than men, have been diagnosed with Celiac disease or leaky gut but most have not because it is not widely understood by regular doctors. Women may have a variety of symptoms which doctors put down to getting older, depression or hypochondria.

So I can’t teach you all about this topic, you will have to do some reading but the good news is… you aren’t nuts, something you put in your mouth is making you sick.
So the solution seems easy – Stop IT!!
I know it is actually much harder than it sounds.
But is is a journey and you can begin. It starts with educating yourself. You can watch videos of Dr O’Bryan on youtube and many other videos on leaky gut.

Which brings me to my new site! I have totally redesigned .
Now it has the 7 vital keys to health over 50! I have combined all the knowledge I have accumulated from years of reading and testing theories on every way to improve your life.

I have been working on it for ages because I have been asked so many times by the women who call with questions how they can pick my brain when they need to. So now you can!  Check it out and give me some feedback in the comment sections on the blog.

I will probably merge both blogs at some point but you could sign up for that newsletter also until then.

Wishing you huge health in every area of your life, not just bones,


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