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Weightvest For Osteoporosis

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My mother

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Mum struggled to keep her head up because she felt so bad to be so bent over. She walked more miles in her life than anyone I have known and was as strong as a horse but her bones let her down.

Improve Osteopenia and Osteoporosis by Wearing This Weight Vest

Increase Your Bone Strength and Flexibility with NO DRUGS and NO GYM

The FDA’s latest analysis showed that using Bisphosphonate drugs for more than 3 to 5 years yields little benefit while carrying the risk of serious side effects. Stop the drugs and get moving with a vest.

This is the vest mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article on August 20, 2013 – click here

Watch this video to see why this vest is the best one for women with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

Osteopenia Weighted Vest
This is the vest Arnold Cook from Ironwear Fitness and I designed  to fit most women. I know it is the best vest on the market for women to increase their bone density.

The first vest I made did not have the wonderful soft weights that Arnold invented. So we decided to collaborate on a vest for older women. Arnold is a perfectionist and his vest is made here in the US with all US made components. In all the years that we have been selling the vest no-one has come up with any ideas to make it better. If they had, we would have used them because we are both dedicated to help women strengthen their bones in the easiest way possible.

Now – 2022 – I am retiring and leaving the site and the vest in Arnold’s capable hands. He has extreme integrity and will take care of your orders as fast as possible.

The vest adjusts at the shoulders and the sides and the closure in the back only has to be set once when you first put it on then you just zip up the front. Here is a video on how to do this initial adjustment so it will be easy for you.

The weights are not over breast tissue and not over your belly if you have one 😉 The velcro closure is much more comfortable in the curve of your back than in the front like his other vests. There is NO latex in the vest!!
It took a long time, over 4 months, to get the design right so that I knew women would actually wear the vest. The top weights in the back help your posture by causing your shoulder blades to slide down your back. I love mine! I can even dance in it. The weights are soft flex-weights and held close to the body where they can’t move so I can do Tai Chi and garden and I am perfectly comfortable. I can feel the workout in my core when I am wearing it.

Osteoporosis PreventionThe pictures on the left sidebar show someone heavier and bustier wearing it, she finds it extremely comfortable also. The only women who will not be able to fit into it will be those with extra large busts or over 170 lbs. Small women 90 lbs and over fit in it just fine. So that is 90 – 170 lbs. Outside of that range it depends on your shape.
Most women need to wear it for one hour a day, 5 days a week to improve bone. You can wear it longer if you like but don’t sit around in it – only wear it while moving.

The vest is black. I had to lighten the pictures so you could see the pockets so it may look grey to you but check the side pictures.
You can watch a video of how to adjust the vest to your size here

  • Increases bone density and provides weight-bearing exercise without going to the gym.
  • If you are out of shape you can start by wearing the weight vest around the house and garden while doing your regular chores and get stronger every month, then start to do some brisk walking.
  • 10 lbs of weights come with vest, with an option to add up to 6 additional pounds.
  • DO NOT buy a vest that has weights over sensitive breast tissue.
  • More detailed information about the vest below.

Guarantee: Wear the vest for ten days and see how you like it. If it’s not for you then return it in like-new condition for a refund minus shipping. It really will only take a short while for you to know whether you will use it or not.

Warranty: If anything goes wrong with the vest you can return it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Email first for instructions.

Warning: If you have existing vertebral fractures, back, hip or shoulder pain then you should correct those with a chiropractor or bodywork practitioner before adding weight to the problem area.

I have had reports of difficulty ordering from an iphone. Best to use your computer.

The vest is being sent from Ironwear directly by priority mail.  

The vest is $165- including ten pounds of flex weights. Shipping to the US is $10-, total $175-.Weighted Vest

I am no longer shipping to countries other than US. The shipping and taxes are getting totally unreasonable.

Extra weights – 2 lbs additional weights (4) 1/2lb flex weights. Price – $30- Including shipping to US only. 

Even Olympic athletes are only recommended to use 10% of their body weight in vests.

The weights went up recently because the raw ingredients doubled in price.

Osteoporosis Treatment

I am no longer sending out a newsletter or adding new information to the blog but you can get all the previous tips about exercise and osteoporosis from the archives there.

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Osteopenia solutions Buy American while you still can. Every dollar spent here in the US helps our country.

If you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis your doctor has probably offered you drugs. Read the osteoporosis drug information page for the truth about these drugs. They may prove to be the next drug scandal. There is no long-term testing on these drugs and women call me every week with heartbreaking stories of having been on the drugs for years and now their jawbones and femurs are collapsing.

Weight-bearing exercise has been proven to have more effect on bones than the drugs; see the research page. So I have designed a comfortable vest for you to wear for an hour a day that will give you weight-bearing exercise without going to the gym. The reason there is not much research on the vests is that they are not a repetitive moneymaker like the drugs. There’s billions in the pills. And most of the research in the pills has been faked not to show the damages.

Since wearing the vest my diagnosis has gone down from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I keep wearing the vest so that my bones can get even stronger. The weight vest benefits far exceed any drug benefit because it improves your muscles and balance as well.

By wearing the vest five days a week for one hour you can actually improve balance. Our balance seems to get worse as we get older and then we have the falls that lead to fractures. I have some exercises listed on the ‘How to Use the Vest’ page  for you to do with the vest on. Or you can just go for a walk, or do some gardening or housework. It is best to leave the vest off for two consecutive days a week.

Here are the reasons I think this weighted vest is better than anything else on the market for women over 50:

It has soft, safe, lead-free, flexible weights instead of hard and it’s amazingly comfortable.

The weights are higher up on your body and positioned close to the spine, so that no soft breast tissue is covered by weights. It is logical to assume that the higher on the spine the weight is carried, the more it will affect your bone strengthening.

The weight vest has more weight in the back than in the front so that you get a straightening effect when you wear it. No need to weight down older people in the front because we tend to bend forward as we age already.

The sides are open to allow for expansion so that it can be worn over any clothing.

The weightvest is made of breathable mesh nylon material that is very strong and long-lasting and will not shrink like cotton. There is also a panel of thicker fabric in front to support the weight. It is better to wash it by hand so it lasts longer.

You can add weights up to 16 pounds and the vest itself weighs 1 lb. The majority of women will not go above the 10 lbs that come with the weighted vest. Most weight training experts recommend that you add weight gradually up to a maximum of 10% of your body weight – and that is for athletes and bodybuilders.

The weight vest can also be used to help lose weight by burning off calories faster during exercise. I can use up the same amount of calories on the treadmill or rebounder in much less time with the weight vest on.

The weighted vest is made in the USA in a well-lit, clean factory by an expert who has been making vests for firemen and policemen for 35 years.

A few testimonials – more on the testimonial page.

The vest is wonderful!  I’m so glad I waited for your design and your approach. Thank you! Virginia.

I recently ordered your weighted vest and I just wanted to let you know that I love it. I have only had it for a week, but I am already hooked.  The design is ingenious, the vest is very comfortable, and I actually look forward wearing it. Catherine.

Pam, I love the vest and have been using it religiously. And, the videos are fantastic and so informative. Your knowledge is invaluable and life saving. You’ve done more for me so far than my primary care or physical therapist.  Ginny.

I love the vest!! It was easy to adjust the fit for my small size (5’1″” and 100 lbs.), and the weights are very flexible, making the vest very comfortable to wear. Already I find myself standing and sitting with a straighter back even when I’m not wearing it.  I have enjoyed reading all the good information you have on your website. Cynthia

This vest is great!  It stays snug against my body and helps my balance a lot. Phyllis

Hey Pam, I just got my test results! After only a year and a half my bones are denser, both hip and spine. You said it wouldn’t happen that fast. I’m so excited! Tammi, CA.

I am impressed with your service, and the vest is soooo much nicer than the Xvest I ordered and had to send back because it was like a suit of armor and I was not strong enough to fasten the powerful velcro bands round the waist. Fay 

Pam, I have gained 4.2% density in my spine.  My results showed a mild case of osteopenia in my spine and my hip was normal.  I was so excited.  My doctor says he wants to repeat the test in 2 years and for me to continue what I am doing. I have had a bone density test every year for the last 7 years as I have been losing density until now. I’ve had the vest since February. Maggie.

Hi, Pam, I received the vest yesterday and wore it for an hour with 4 pounds, and today had it on for several hours–it’s so comfortable I kept forgetting to take it off! My posture is good to begin with, but I can see how it would improve poor posture by increasing proprioceptive awareness, if for no other reason. The vest is very well designed and well made–my compliments to your construction crew! Camille 

Hi Pam – I am definitely going to keep my vest – I love it!!!  I have had two people recognize how much straighter I am standing up since using it and it has only been a week that I am using it.  I really like it – it is not overbearing to wear and it does improve your posture.  Thanks for all your help!!! Susan

Disclaimer: If you have back or neck problems or vertebral fractures then a weight vest probably would not be advised. Consult your doctor before using weights or starting exercise programs.

Important notes – Your privacy will be completely respected on this site. Your name and information will not be sold or rented. The shopping cart is securely encrypted.

You can return the vest after trying it out for ten days. You will pay shipping both ways on returns and the vest has to be clean and like new.