Update on Bio-Identical Hormones

August 6, 2009

It has been over a year since I gave an update on the bio-identical hormones that I’m taking. I actually looked into having a saliva test done for my adrenals so that I would have some concrete “scientific” results to share, but when I filled out the list of symptoms the only one I had was thin hair and I think I was born with that!

So I decided not to waste the money testing and the results I am telling you are based solely on my feelings and knowledge of my own body.

Since I started the rawfood diet in November 2008 I went off the cortisol for the adrenals and the T3 for the thyroid. My pulse rate dropped from over 100 to about 80. I am now eating some cooked food at dinner, a baked potato or some Ezekial bread with avocado on it, or steamed veggies. Just for the pleasure factor. I think it helps me to be happy with the fruit all day long.

So, the bio-identicals that I am still on are estrogen (2 kinds), progesterone and testosterone. They are all put into one cream that I apply to my arm at night. I tried getting them from many different places, some were over $100- a month, and finally found a great compounding pharmacy online that does the same thing for about $27- a month; lovely, helpful, professional people. http://www.womensinternational.com/

My testing on the last lot of thyroid tests from the doc say that I’m getting lower on thyroid and I do feel a little less energetic than I did when I first went off the drugs. BUT, plenty energetic for my lifestyle still. I’ve finished my house remodel and I’m back to my pretty ordinary life so I have no need of superwoman energy.

I also am thinking so much now about my beliefs and thoughts and feelings and the effect they have on my hormones. I spent a chunk of time with my grandkids this summer and that is always exciting for me so when it was over I was feeling a little bereft and bored. When I worked my way back to being happy I immediately had more energy again.

Now I know the hormone cream is working because I am growing muscle finally with the bodyweight exercises I told you about before. I’m working up to Michelle Obama muscles in my arms! Not quite there yet but I am getting visible muscle. I also woke up with sensual dreams several times in the last few months so the cream is working! I thought I’d give you that information in case you have a significant other in your life 🙂

I am perfectly happy with the results of the cream so I won’t worry about increasing or decreasing it at this point. If I do have to take a bit of  T3  for my thyroid at some point then I will. My doc said we’d decide at the next test in 3 months. But you have to remember that lab tests are wrong a lot of the time although doctors believe them like the gospel. Only you know how you feel and that is more important than any test in town.

So, I hit 65 this year and at the moment I am thriving and I really appreciate that my body is working so well and feeling so good. I bought a wetsuit this summer so I could go in the waves and bodysurf with my grandkids. I was actually embarassed at first to put it on. But I got used to it and I loved it. And now I’m looking forward to a trip in the New Year to a place where there is a zip-line. That’s where you sit on this small seat and hang from a wire high in the canopy of a forest and zip along like a monkey. I’ve wanted to do that ever since I first heard about them years ago and now I’m going to.

I think it is important to have something new and exciting in your life to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be big, just a little stretch in any direction can get your creative  juices flowing again. 

 I wish that for all of you who read this,

Blessings, Pam

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August 6, 2009
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