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Silica Is Another Mineral We Need.

February 16, 2017

I recently recommended Boron to improve the ability of our bones to store calcium. Now I am adding Silica to my list.

When your bones are damaged it is important to take sufficient amounts of silica daily. Bones are composed of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and silica. Silica diminishes fractures by depositing minerals into the bones, especially calcium. Many studies on silica indicate that through a process of transmutation silica transforms into calcium when is needed.

We used to get silica from whole grains but, when the outer husk of the grain was taken off this was stripped away. Now our diet is usually very deficient in it.

Symptoms of Possible Deficiency:
Osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis, joint pain and weakness, hair loss, heart burn, acid indigestion, GERD, weak teeth and gums, weak skin, brittle nails, and fibromyalgia.

Another thing that silica does is to escort aluminum out of the body so it is becoming increasingly important to make sure you have a regular daily supply. Aluminum is implicated in Alzheimer’s, as is excess calcium so it is worth taking daily silica to prevent that occurring.

There are many ways of taking silica, including horsetail herb, diatomaceous earth and various supplements but most of the studies are done with orthosilicic acid and I think the liquid is better absorbed than any powder and easier to take.

What I am doing now is having a first morning drink of warm water with Ionic trace minerals, Angstrom boron and Organo liquid silica to start off my day. You could also add lemon juice if you like.

I know everyone would prefer a one step solution to all their health problems but since our lives and nutrition are so out of whack now we have to make a bit more effort to cover all the deficiencies.

I hope this helps,

#1 Best All-round Exercise

April 22, 2009

You may know that I hate gyms and I do bodyweight exercises and rebounding to keep fit. So I want you to know the absolute best exercise you can do for all around fitness – the king of exercises. It is squats. On my exercise list I use door squats for beginners so that they are safe for older sedentary women. But you can soon graduate up to regular freestanding squats and then go on to more powerful Hindu squats.

Squats will strengthen your legs but also your back and give you better balance. You will feel more powerful from your core.  An exercise program I subscribed to recently said that if there was only one exercise you had time to do then it should be hindu squats.

Back in the day, when I was a Feldenkrais practitioner, I was taught that a person’s ability to squat was the best reflection of their overall fitness. Most people over the world squat every day. It is the way they sit, and certainly the way they use the toilet.

But westerners have lost that easy ability to settle down comfortably close to the ground. I think that loss has a lot to do with our lack of balance as we get older. Moshe Feldenkrais always taught that a person should be able to leap in any direction at any moment to be safe. Squats, repeated daily, give you this power in your legs and spine to move quickly when necessary.

Since it has been proven that it is actually not the thickness of your bones that prevents fractures in your older years, but the ability to avoid falling, it is worth a few minutes a day to brush up on the skill of squatting.

I was showing a neighbor the way to practise hindu squats the other day and she immediately discounted it by saying she had never been able to squat, even as a child. ANYONE can learn this. It is a natural thing for any body to do. It may be hard at first, your thighs may hate you, but persist. When you can do 25 squats in a row you are on the way to true power in your body.

The exercise program I was talking about wants you to do 200 a day. I think that is excessive and boring. But you could do 25 twice a day and then three times a day, before meals perhaps, and see your vitality and power soar.

Hindu squats are the best for doing the 25 in a row because you use your breath and arms to help build momentum. If you want to learn these go to youtube and put hindu squats in the search engine. The breath is out on the way down and in on the way up and you move fast enough to get a breath exercise at the same time.

These are a real life-changer. If you are in fear of your bones giving out on you then commit to doing  this and see how much better you will feel in 30 days.