Real Food for Vitamins and Minerals

January 23, 2013


I have created another video for you showing you how to make a great tasting fresh green juice that is very helpful in increasing bone strength and health in your body.

Weight Vest and Green Juice

I am using an electric juicer in the video but a hand-crank juicer will do just as well and only costs about $50- on Amazon so pretty much anyone can get started on juicing for health.

You can adapt the taste at first to make it naturally sweeter by using the less bitter greens like Romaine lettuce and pea greens. Then gradually increase the amount of chard, kale or collards because there is something in the bitterness which is extremely good for us. The Chinese medicine system says to eat bitter greens every day.

Next time I will tell you all the vitamins and minerals I take regularly. I don’t like to do that too often because I think we all have to find our own supplement needs. Following someone else’s list often doesn’t work at all well. But I suppose it might be a rough guideline. I’m also a bit susceptible to vitamin marketing and they seem to have some genius writers creating this stuff. My mother always said I had an S on my forehead 😉

So get yourself some greens and juice them up. It will put a spring in your step.

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January 23, 2013
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