Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Reality

October 31, 2017

I have written about our beliefs changing our reality before and it’s hard for me to know how many people accept the importance that their beliefs have in their lives. For instance our beliefs about health, aging, drugs, etc. are affecting our bodies every minute.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think of growing older as an adventure, with new explorations on our horizons? My adventures are not so much in the outer world right now but on the inner plane. I can learn anything I want to from the computer, books and research and I can change my beliefs and my health in a few minutes.

I don’t accept the American way of dying, slow and tortuous with 90% of our health spending in the last ten years, sucking away our children’s inheritance.

I’ve installed the beliefs that support me being happy, healthy and learning new things until I curl up my toes one night far from this one.

But, although I have known about beliefs being vitally important, I did not find out how to change them easily until now. I’ve been searching all my life for this and I’ve finally found it.

It’s tricky for me to know what will offend some of my customers so I have put the information on my other site where I am not selling anything. It’s where I can be more woo-woo and more adventurous than here. This is a site about bone health primarily.

I actually haven’t done much on the other site recently because I have been too busy finding out about all the secrets that have been hidden from us for years in the US. It all blew me off balance for a long while.

But now I have found out how to change my beliefs quickly and easily it makes the future look more positive. I am excited to share it with you – for free – so if you are open-minded to finding out the power that was given to us all to create the lives that we want, please go to the other blog and read about it there




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October 31, 2017
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