Stop Taking Calcium Supplements Now!!

October 2, 2018

Ok, I’ve been warning women for years that the calcium supplements they were taking were having bad effects and were stored in the brain. All those special bone supplements that incorporate the “right” amount of calcium are also bad for you. Now there is proof.

I wonder if all the people putting out special bone vitamins will pay attention to this and change their vitamin recipes. Probably not, that would cost them money and profit.

My favorite health writer, Sayer Ji, and GreenMedInfo just put out a new blog here that shows that taking calcium supplements, even in low doses, causes brain lesions.

This is a study that was ignored by the main stream health media completely but Sayer Ji is a relentless researcher and just found it. Read the whole article because it explains exactly how this happens and shows that the study was very well-run and covers all the options – unlike studies from drug companies.

I get all my calcium from foods, mainly greens, so I haven’t taken those little ground up rocks for 20 years. I can somehow feel when my body doesn’t like what I give it and I knew they were not good for me. I have to admit I sometimes go on a sugar binge but I take full responsibility for that and usually only do it when I am extremely stressed 😉

Here is a short quote from the article which shows his point of view, which matches mine, on bone health very well:

“As we have reported on extensively in the past, not only is consuming limestone, bone, and the shells of oysters and eggs not a good idea because the calcium can deposit in our soft tissues leading to heart attacks and strokes, but even the goal of maintaining bones as dense as a 25-year old late into life (known as the T-score) is fraught with danger, including a far higher breast cancer risk for those with the highest bone density. Instead of pathologizing aging, and focusing on making the bone denser by any means necessary, the focus should be on bone quality and agility and bodily self-awareness late into life, which helps the elderly prevent the falls that lead to fracture in the first place. In other words, simply having a gait or vision disorder can be at least as an important factor in fracture risk as bone mineral density. ”

All the links to his other articles should still work.

Some customers have told me there are new supplements now that use calcium from food but even those are suspect IMHO. Food has a huge array of components, like a recipe from Mother Nature, and processing the heck out of it to get one ingredient to sell as a capsule is probably not good.

I know most of us want something quick and easy to put in our mouths to keep us going, like gassing up the car, but our bodies deserve more respect than that. The more respect and love you give them the better they love you back. I’m coming down the home stretch to 75 now and not a day goes by that I don’t remember what I owe my beautiful body for coming through for me every single day.

I say, before I get out of bed, “Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, beautiful body, let’s have an enchanting day today.” That always makes me smile. Life is an adventure for us, my body and me 😉

I wish you all the same. And don’t flush those useless pills down the toilet. All over the US we have other people’s drug cocktails in our water already. And don’t ask me why doctors are pushing calcium down our throats harder every day. We’ve been down that road before and some women don’t like me telling them the reason. They’d rather not know.



Bones for Life

July 6, 2018

You may know that I was a Feldenkrais practitioner years ago and I credit that with my good movement practices throughout my life. I haven’t done any real exercise since I gave up dance 3 years ago but my daily walks with the dog and deep breathing keep me fit.

Now I came across Ruthy Alon’s work with Feldenkrais again. She was one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ earliest students and now is close to 90. She has a program called Bones for Life that is on dvds that you can download. I love Ruthy so I signed up right away.

I downloaded 24 90 minute segments and I am doing half a segment every day if possible. It has totally revived my movement! I straightened up more and I walk better already. I realized I had been giving into the aging BS message from the culture and I’ve kicked that to the curb again 😉

She has a long cloth wrap that you can use to do a lot of the movements and eventually I will be putting it on my head like a crown so I can emulate the wonderful women in Africa carrying big loads and having strong, flexible bones all their lives. You can make your own out of 7 yds of 36 inch wide non-stretch cotton.

So here are some sample videos that you can watch to see if you would be interested http://www.movementintelligence.org/video.html and here

And here is where you can read more about it and order the program. She has other programs as well that I will get when I have finished this one. There is also a short version with 6 lessons  http://bonesforlife.com/

There are also video clips made by various practitioners on youtube.

Here is my honest assessment after looking at the program with new eyes 😉 It’s been 30 years since I was a practitioner!

Ruthy’s Feldenkrais teaches how to be present in your body, how to move in small increments and short lessons that add up over a six day workshop to real change.

It feels strange at first. We are not accustomed to paying attention to small movements of the body. I am so grateful they put it on video because it is too much to learn all at once IMHO.

But, walking around after each segment, you get to feel the difference in your body; your breathing becomes more open, your stiffness melts away, your restrictions in movement from old injuries are gently released. I know that from watching the people in the videos. They are totally different at the end of the 6 days.

It’s not for people who go to the gym and work their muscles out hard enough to create endorphins. It’s about learning more about this beautiful body we live in and how it was supposed to move. A push on the foot is supposed to go up through your entire body and raise the head; not get trapped and diverted by a twerky shoulder or a crooked neck.

I am so grateful to have found this work again and to have the time and space to do it daily.

You can also find teachers who have been through this program and who teach it in segments. Most cities have Feldenkrais practitioners now.

This program beats any ‘exercise’ based program for bones out there. It teaches your brain the better ways to move your body and your brain never forgets completely. With it you can recover slowly and carefully from injury. It requires patience, persistence and a willingness to follow instructions even when your mind doesn’t get it 😉 Remember, the mind is the last to KNOW anything 😉 Knowing is a brain, heart and gut combo.

So, I don’t get any commission from this. I just want all of you wonderful, intelligent women who I talk to about my vest to have a new tool.




Happy New Year, Sisters!

January 8, 2018

I start out 2018 in enormous gratitude! The Thomas Fire came so close to my mobile home that I evacuated twice, then came back home to lie on the couch at night and watch the flames creep down the hillside.

I had been remodeling for 4 months, doing most of the work myself, learning lots of new skills, and my home was finally becoming a wonderful nest full of art and stuff I’ve collected from all over the world. It was impossible to know what to take with me in my little car with the dog and the cat. Each time I evacuated I packed different stuff! What a wonderful lesson that was!

And now I am grateful for something else that I recently discovered – Tree Sisters! This is an organization born from the dream of one woman who is combining the growing of trees in the sub-tropics and the re-education of women all over the world to come together and be the best that they can be.

We can change the dead-end path the world is now on. Move from being a consumer species to a restorer species.

We are at the edge of extinction! The facts are real and concrete about how many species of animals, plants, insects – every life form – are going extinct every day now from mankind’s indifference and exploitation.

But we all came here at this time to make the shift into the New Earth and we all have a part to play. I have signed on to be a treesister and I will donate all I can to the cause, including a ten percent tithe on the $35- I make, labor and profit, on the vests.

I have spent the last 3 years in awakening to the evil that believes it owns our planet and saying ‘What can I do?’
Now I know what I can do – join hands with women all over the globe in reforesting, re-educating, restoring, pulling women up from sexual slavery and indentured servitude. The feminine is coming into it’s own now and it will take us all holding hands to restore the damage that has been done.

And I have to say I have enormous confidence in the special abilities of humans to work towards good. I know most of us are deeply brainwashed and hardly have time to look up from working, eating and sleeping, from all our responsibilities, but, when we do wake up and look around, we will be a power that has never before been seen.

And the good men will support us! The ones who aren’t addicted to success, meaning money and prestige and power.

So this may be too Woo-woo for some of my customers but I’m done apologizing for that 😉

And for those who want to explore TreeSisters just click on the link and you’ll be taken to the website.

May this year be blessed in every way for all of you. I actually send love to all my customers, past, present and future, in my meditations and have done for years 😉

Blessings and new Hope,


New Study – Milk is Bad for your Bones

November 6, 2017

A study done in Sweden and published in the British Medical Journal reveals that milk fuels cancer and is bad for your bones.

“The study, which tracked 61,433 women aged 39 to 74 over 20 years, and 45,339 men of similar age for 11 years, found that the more cow’s milk people drank, the more likely they were to die or experience a bone fracture during the study period.”

This is a great article, very well-written that all women need to read. The effect of milk on our bones has to do with unbalancing the calcium/magnesium ratio. I have an article on that on this site which I wrote ten years ago.

It also has to do with pasteurization, which makes the food value of milk pretty much obsolete. It becomes a negative that the body has to eliminate, rather than a positive with food value. Make sure you catch this piece:

Dairies count on many heat treatments to mask their inferior sanitary conditions: milk filled with pus, manure and debris. Consumer Reports found 44% of 125 pasteurized milk samples contained as many as 2200 organisms per cubic centimeter (fecal bacteria, coliforms).” Eeeeek!

I know milk – not to mention, cheese – is very hard to give up. We have all been well programmed! Although the article does say cheese is not as bad for us as milk. I did it years ago and I still fall for it sometimes. But now there are other  studies connecting it with cancer as well, it’s really time to put our big girl pants on and put it behind us.

The link to cancer has to do with the way farmers pump the poor cows full of hormones so they lactate until they die. That is not natural and was not done when our parents drank their unhomogenized milk back in the day.

Whenever someone says to me on the phone, ‘Oh, I couldn’t give up milk ( or cheese) I know they are addicted and they probably won’t listen until it’s too late and they have destroyed their health. That’s a choice we all have to make for ourselves. But maybe reading this article will help you choose.

Here’s the link.

You can also read my previous blog on belief change for a tool to change your behavior around dairy.

You could install some of these new beliefs:

I only feed my body food that nourishes it.
I love my healthy body more than my taste buds.
I am releasing my addiction to dairy right now.
I can easily replace dairy with other delicious foods.
I am stronger than my cravings.

You can think up your own 😉



Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Reality

October 31, 2017

I have written about our beliefs changing our reality before and it’s hard for me to know how many people accept the importance that their beliefs have in their lives. For instance our beliefs about health, aging, drugs, etc. are affecting our bodies every minute.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think of growing older as an adventure, with new explorations on our horizons? My adventures are not so much in the outer world right now but on the inner plane. I can learn anything I want to from the computer, books and research and I can change my beliefs and my health in a few minutes.

I don’t accept the American way of dying, slow and tortuous with 90% of our health spending in the last ten years, sucking away our children’s inheritance.

I’ve installed the beliefs that support me being happy, healthy and learning new things until I curl up my toes one night far from this one.

But, although I have known about beliefs being vitally important, I did not find out how to change them easily until now. I’ve been searching all my life for this and I’ve finally found it.

It’s tricky for me to know what will offend some of my customers so I have put the information on my other site where I am not selling anything. It’s where I can be more woo-woo and more adventurous than here. This is a site about bone health primarily.

I actually haven’t done much on the other site recently because I have been too busy finding out about all the secrets that have been hidden from us for years in the US. It all blew me off balance for a long while.

But now I have found out how to change my beliefs quickly and easily it makes the future look more positive. I am excited to share it with you – for free – so if you are open-minded to finding out the power that was given to us all to create the lives that we want, please go to the other blog and read about it there http://healthyover50.com/belief-and-reality-change/