Welcome to 2017

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

2016 was one of the most challenging years I can remember.

I am trusting that in 2017 we can all move forward into a new world – not a new world order ūüėČ A world of love and healing and kindness and caring.

I got caught in the whirl of the political craziness. I became awakened – another name for a conspiracy theorist – which means that I completely stopped believing any government propaganda.

I haven’t watched mainstream news for 35 years and I don’t watch tv so I am not mind-programmed like many people.

But it was my research into the deliberate wickedness of the BigPharma industry many, many years ago that got me started on this path.

I now intend to become more authentic, speaking my truth, and more helpful in whatever ways I can be, in changing this planet back into something that works for all of us.

I haven’t wanted to discuss my personal opinions in case I stepped on anyone’s toes. I get emails from those who worship at the altar of Science sometimes who say I have no proof that my vest works and I should take it off the market.

But I know it works, and I got a call a few weeks ago from someone who had her numbers improve very significantly in the two years she has worn it. By the end of this century, if we survive, people will be amazed that the worship of fake and phony science went so far as to almost destroy the planet.

Our truth lies inside each one of us. Our hearts can tell us what is right for us. We don’t have to be obedient to doctors or governments who tell us what we should do, usually for their benefit.

I went to an ear doctor last week who prescribed an ear antibiotic that would cost me $300- because I was in the ‘donut hole’ of the insurance. What kind of an asinine idea is that ‘donut hole’ anyway??? Who let them get away with that??

I asked my regular old doc and he prescribed another antibiotic that cost me $4.09 and it’s working fine.

So my belief is that this Universe is sending more light here to Earth right now in order to wake us up if we choose to. Then we can spend more time in nature attuning to the organic instead of the synthetic matrix. And leave the crazy cell-phones behind! Amazing how many people are walking at the beach now with their noses in their phones ūüėČ

IMHO the more time we can spend with our feet on Mother Earth absorbing the rays of the sun and centering in our own hearts with appreciation, the kinder we will remember to be.

As the ruling shadow government is finding out right now, there is no escape from this planet and you can’t take any ill-gotten gains with you so what is the point of all the greed? I will¬†settle down and honor the wonderful gift I have been given. We all chose to be here at this pivotal time to make a difference. I have been waiting a long time and I will make my own unique difference before I go.



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New Scam on Internet

September 20, 2016

I have been wondering whether to mention this or not. I tend not to give energy to negative things. If I concentrate on shining my light I feel more productive. But I’m getting these emails so often now that I probably should address it.

A supposed Search Engine Optimization company contacted me with an alarming message about negative reviews on my weight vest. Of course I went to the site and it was one of those scammy review sites. There was one review from a person, supposedly in Florida, saying my vest was not as pictured, didn’t fit her and she’d wasted her money.

I knew right away this was a scam because my weight vest is exactly as pictured and anyone who doesn’t like it can get their money back without question.

So then I read the rest of the email and it was telling me they could erase this review for money. Of course I wasn’t that stupid, I don’t pay protection money. So I just put it in the trash. But, like I said, I’m getting them once a week now.

I thought I might take it up with Google but, since they are total black hats now and just out for money themselves, I didn’t think that would be worth the time and aggravation.

So, I will comfort myself with knowing that there are good reviews all over the net on the weight vest and just keep on doing what I’m doing, making my vest available at the lowest possible price and giving women the most help I can.

This is a strange new world but I know it is changing for the better although it doesn’t look like it right now. People are waking up all over the planet and I know we will create a world of loving kindness before I die.



Successful Bone Building Program

March 2, 2009

I got some great news last week from a customer and her testimonial has an interesting point that I’ll go over later. Here it is:

Last year I purchased your weight vest after receiving negative results on my bone density test which showed rapid bone loss over 2 years. I began wearing the vest on walks, taking “muscle pump” classes at YMCA, supplements (calcium, magnesium, Vit D, multi-minerals, multiple vit, K, C), bio-identical progesterone cream [Emerita], and diet.

In one year (from Feb-08 to Feb-09) my scores improved significantly. My doctor said 2-3% doubles bone strength–I exceeded 3% in both locations!

T-Score Test results below:
Date            Age            T Scores
Hip       Spine
10/06          54          -1.4         -2.3
*2/08          56          -2.3        -2.9      *started wearing vest Mar-08
2/09            57          -2.2        -2.8

1-yr improvement      4.34%     3.45%

My physician, Dr. Kochumian, was extremely sceptical last year when I refused to take Fosomax, and previously when he prescribed Boniva, but agreed to see what would happen in 1 year. He was amazed at my results!

What I didn’t realize before was that 2-3% improvement equals doubled bone strength. Some women have been disappointed when their T-scores have only gone up one or two points, but according to this doctor they are doing very well with that improvement.

As Carol said later in her email, it wasn’t easy to get the bone gain. She had to work at it, but the working gave her many other gains in her life as well. You can exercise and eat right¬†because of¬†your bones but your whole body is affected. That’s why I call our post-menopausal bone thinning a great wake-up call for women. It tells us it’s time to stop the downward slide into ignominous old age and bounce back.

Have an active life,

Improving Osteoporosis with the Weight Vest

August 21, 2007 0 Comments

I got another testimonial email from a customer today. It’s exciting to have them start to roll in. I have to rely on people’s memories because my privacy policy says that I will not contact customers. But I’m sure happy when they contact me with the good news.

Hi Pam,
Just to let you know, I have been wearing the weight vest since the day I got it and I love it.  I started with 4 lbs. and up to 10lbs. now.

Along with taking a small dosage of strontium and calcium, eating lots of vegetables & fruits and excercise which consist of an 8lb medicine ball, walking, floor excercise and wearing the weight vest for 1 hr every morning for 5 days a week, I have gained 4.2% density in my spine.  I was a hair away from having osteoporosis.

My results showed a mild case of osteopenia in my spine and my hip was normal.  I was so excited about my results, I have been beyond myself.  My doctor says he wants to repeat the test in 2 years and for me to continue what I am doing.  I have had a bone density test for the last 7 years every year as I have been losing density.

I am 66 years old, small weighing 110 lbs and have been told by my physician because of my age and size my bones would not absorb calcium. I told him I was not willing to accept that and I would go the alternative way and through prayer and faith in God, he has been proven wrong.  No matter what size or how old a person is, it can be reversed and without Fosamax, Boniva or any of those chemicals.  I tried them all and could not take them.  This is a more natural and healthier way which I love.

Thank you so much for sharing your research about osteoporosis.
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