Have Patience with your Bones

June 14, 2013

I am not a patient person, never have been. Back in my hyper-active, burning-out-my-adrenals, I-want-it-now phase, I was horribly impatient. Now I’m much more mellow, thank goodness 😉

Because, you know what, impatience doesn’t help anything happen sooner and it eats the joy out of my life. I was a bit worried when I started mellowing out that nothing would get done. But the opposite is true! I get more done when I’m coming from joy energy and it doesn’t take a toll on my body.

So don’t put your vest on for the first time and expect it to change your bones in a week. In fact, better not to even think in those terms. Better to think, this is the first step into a new life. A life of loving and appreciating my body, of listening to see when it needs more attention, of feeding it what it needs, of being out in nature to restore my connection with the Earth. It’s time to treat my body as if it was the best partner I ever had and I wouldn’t ever want it to leave me. Because that is the truth 😉

The good news is that bones do change much faster than doctors say. The reason they say come back in two years and we will Dexa you again is because Medicare will not pay for Dexa scans any more often than that. So every three months you can have a urine test for bone markers or you can have a sonar scan on your ankle and you’ll find out if your bones are still getting worse – as expected over 50 – or if they are holding steady, or if they are actually getting slightly better each time.

So this week why don’t you notice when you are getting impatient about anything in your life and just let it go. Tap on it with the instructions from the last newsletter, you can find that at the blog here http://weightvest4osteoporosis.com/my-blog/ Scroll down to the post about stress. Then notice how that changes your life, makes it easier, and makes you more pleasant to be around 😉

Some women are born mellow and manage to stay that way their whole lives. They don’t take things personally, don’t get upset over small things, enjoy most moments. Who knows how they got so lucky, good genes, good parents? If you aren’t that way, you are not alone, you have a lot of soul sisters, but you can learn to let your impatience go in just a minute or two of tapping and start moving into acceptance of life as it is.

I was hoping to have a picture of me in my new yoga hammock hanging upside down for this newsletter but when the hammock arrived yesterday it was the wrong one so now it will be another ten days. Oh well! C’est la vie! Will this delay matter if I look back from 5 years down the road? Nope! I know everything happens in it’s perfect time in my life – even if my mind often would argue with that belief.

So have an ease-filled, supremely patient life until next time, and take the time to tune in and just FEEL those bones growing,



Stressing about Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

May 16, 2013

There is a lot of new information about the negative effects of stress in our lives. For many of us just getting the diagnosis of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia is a stressful event. Most of the women who find my site are looking for alternative options to the drugs so they are often women who eat right, exercise and have a healthy lifestyle and they are very upset that they got diagnosed along with everyone else.

Many women also read all the fear-based advertising of the drug companies and that produces more stress. Last week I had robot phone calls day after day saying that 50% of women over 50 get bone fractures and die and that is just malarkey. To target older women in this invasive way is totally unacceptable. I don’t know what they were selling because I just hung up but I’m sure it was something that would not be good for me.

90% of doctor visits last year were attributed to stress-related diseases. And stress happens to all of us, even those who pay a lot of attention to their health. There is the physical stress of menopause, then often stress from children growing up and leaving – or not – and older parents needing more help. Lots of things are going on around this time of life that are stressful. And the truth is that many aspects of our lives are not totally in our control.

So I have a quick and easy way to remove stress from your lives. It is called Tapping and I’ve been using it for a year or so. My life has become so much more joyful. When I look back on my old self I’m embarrassed by the things I said and did under stress.
Who was that person?? But I’m sure you know what I mean. I don’t think there is any woman alive who doesn’t blush to remember some of the drama she created during PMS episodes due to hormonal stresses.

I actually became a lot more tolerant when I realized that most disruptions in relationships are caused by talking with people when they are under stress. I realize now that the person I wanted to talk to isn’t really there, better to tap down their stress if they are willing, and then you can have a conversation that will please you both.
You know how you are kinder when you know someone has had a death in the family or a divorce, well there are a zillion other little stresses than add up in people’s lives. Basically I am realizing that anytime anyone is mean or nasty they must have be under huge cumulative stress and if I respond with kindness that may help a bit.

I’ve made a video to show you how to do this. It is sooo easy, children and grandparents can learn it in half an hour. 

Stressed about Osteopenia or Osteoporosis
Excuse the jerks, I had to shorten all the pauses to fit into the Youtube 10 minute length allowance.

Tapping is based on meridian therapies discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago plus some tools from Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a technique that disconnects us from our daily trances and wakes us up by tapping gently on the meridians concerned with fight or flight responses. No-one really knows how it works but it is a form of magic that is amazingly beneficial. You can tap on any emotional upset and make it feel better in just minutes.

Often while tapping for an event in present time you will remember a past event that triggered the reaction. For instance if you were bitten by a certain kind of dog as a child you may have regular fear reactions and bad experiences with dogs. By tapping on the event that you remember you can clear that also and then you won’t keep recreating it with new actors in your life.

Sometimes more deep-rooted problems would need the help of a tapping coach.We often have a blind eye to our most vulnerable past incidents and need help to clear them. Dealing with loss, grief, depression or addictions also would probably need some help. I have been coaching for about six months now and I have seen incredible changes in people who had totally abusive childhoods. They have regained their capacity for joy and peace. The old movies have been replaced by positive plans for the future.
I love this work!

So let me know if there is any specific problem you would like me to address and I will make some more videos if there is enough interest.

May you have peace of mind in your life.

Until next time,


May 2013 Be Your Best Year Yet

December 31, 2012

I was provoked into writing another post right now by one of the comments I got back from the last one. Someone was a bit resistant to the idea that we can create a life that is more wonderful than before when youth and our bodies start to go.

In this odd world we have co-created there are many beliefs about aging being a process of deterioration, a downhill path, a one-way trip to a bad end 😉

Often the diagnosis of bone thinning is a first message from our body that it is time to treat it with a lot more care. Time to put ourselves first finally! But many doctors are so fear based that they scare women with what has forever been a natural occurrence. Telling women of 45 that they should no longer do forward bends is an example. Would you tell me how we can be in our lives without doing a forward bend!! And that is only a risk if you already have fractured vertebrae.

But now we have such wonderful ways to communicate with one another through the internet, we can find out about women turning their lives around miraculously every day. You could spend  20 minutes watching some of the TED and TEDx talks and be totally inspired to step forward in a new way into your own life. There are no problems that can’t be changed, even if the change is only in our attitude towards them.

Since I became really ill ten years ago and brought myself back to health from knowledge gained on the Internet and from books, my life has truly become more wonderful and a bigger adventure every year. Back when I was sick I thought, “How can life get better now, I’ve done everything I came to do, I’ve raised a wonderful child, been through college and become educated, had a business that was successful, been married twice and not interested in doing that again. What is left for me to do?”

Now I clearly understand that I was thinking from a stressed place. When you think from stress, and stress is endemic in this culture, you are not thinking clearly. Release your stress and think from a brand new place and then your thoughts are actually creative and useful. You can release stress by EFT, a tapping process that is clearly explained on youtube, or by being out in nature, or spending time with people or animals that you love, meditating or doing whatever you do to make your world feel good again – not including eating ice cream 😉

And if you have no clue what useful thing you can do in the world to help make it a better place, no clue what special talent and skill you came into share until your dying breath ;-), then just put ‘women’s blogs’ into Google and see the thousands of ways that women are contributing to each other now with the miracle of connection. Women are writing their truth and, NO!, it has not all been said before. If your voice and your life experience is lacking then it has not all been said 🙂

So I want to end with some links to videos that inspired me when I was down, check some of them out and see what is possible. The first two are women much older than most of us but that is why they are inspiring. They didn’t subscribe to the cultural beliefs, they marched to their own drums.

Watch this one to the end, it will surprise you Never underestimate an old gal

Johanna Quass is an 86-year-old woman

A broken body isn’t a broken person

Unlocking the Power of Women

So I wish you your best year ever for 2013

Virtual hug,