Ulcer Drugs Increase Risk of Osteoporosis and Dementia

June 28, 2017

If you are taking proton pump inhibitors for ulcers or acid stomach you are running a significant risk of getting dementia (44%) and of breaking a hip.

From a great article on GreenMedInfo by Linda Woolven & Ted Snider:

“Research has linked PPIs to osteoporosis and–get this- -heart attack. Using PPIs for 7 or more years is associated with a 92% increase in the risk of osteoporosis related fractures. After 5 years, there is a 62% increased risk specifically of hip fractures (CMAJ 2008;179:319-26). Women who used PPIs for only 2 years in a study of 79,899 postmenopausal women had a 35% greater risk of hip fracture: the risk was especially great for smokers. When the researchers added this study to 10 others in a meta-analysis, they found a 30% increased risk of hip fracture with PPI use (BMJ 2012;344:e372).”

Read the whole article here.

They also tell you how to use natural cures to take care of your acid reflex and ulcers with NO side effects.

Apparently these are some of the most popular drugs in the world and also the most dangerous. So if you are taking Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid etc please read the article and get off the drugs.

I’m very grateful to have found GreenMedInfo because Sayer Ji, the founder, likes to do the research through medical studies that I find mind boggling. His site has an amazing amount of information on all health topics and natural solutions so you should check it out before taking any drugs.

Up until now I have limited my information to subjects that I have personal experience with but now I can broaden my scope and bring other things to your attention.

Stay well,


Silica Is Another Mineral We Need.

February 16, 2017

I recently recommended Boron to improve the ability of our bones to store calcium. Now I am adding Silica to my list.

When your bones are damaged it is important to take sufficient amounts of silica daily. Bones are composed of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and silica. Silica diminishes fractures by depositing minerals into the bones, especially calcium. Many studies on silica indicate that through a process of transmutation silica transforms into calcium when is needed.

We used to get silica from whole grains but, when the outer husk of the grain was taken off this was stripped away. Now our diet is usually very deficient in it.

Symptoms of Possible Deficiency:
Osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis, joint pain and weakness, hair loss, heart burn, acid indigestion, GERD, weak teeth and gums, weak skin, brittle nails, and fibromyalgia.

Another thing that silica does is to escort aluminum out of the body so it is becoming increasingly important to make sure you have a regular daily supply. Aluminum is implicated in Alzheimer’s, as is excess calcium so it is worth taking daily silica to prevent that occurring.

There are many ways of taking silica, including horsetail herb, diatomaceous earth and various supplements but most of the studies are done with orthosilicic acid and I think the liquid is better absorbed than any powder and easier to take.

What I am doing now is having a first morning drink of warm water with Ionic trace minerals, Angstrom boron and Organo liquid silica to start off my day. You could also add lemon juice if you like.

I know everyone would prefer a one step solution to all their health problems but since our lives and nutrition are so out of whack now we have to make a bit more effort to cover all the deficiencies.

I hope this helps,

Borax for Arthritis and Osteoporosis.

December 3, 2016

I just came across a really interesting article about Boron. The article is long but very interesting and could explain why we, here in the US, have more Osteoporosis than almost anywhere else. We have been using fertilizers on our crops for longer than any other country, and more of them. This destroys the boron in the soil. In some parts of the country the amount of boron in the soil is negligible. So that could be one of the ingredients of the problem.

I have really been trying to crack this problem – why women who take care of themselves and eat right are still getting osteoporosis. It’s no use going the scientific route, going to Osteoporosis gatherings and listening to corrupt scientists connected to drug companies because they have no interest in healing anything.

My route is always to look back into old knowledge just before antibiotics were invented and started the whole BigPharma ownership of our country. Here is a small piece of the article:

“It has been estimated that 55% of Americans over the age of 50 have osteoporosis and of these approximately 80% are women. Worldwide 1 in 3 women and 1 in 12 men over the age of 50 have osteoporosis, and this is responsible for millions of fractures each year. In scientific studies Rats with osteoporosis were given a Boron supplement for 30 days with the result that their bone quality was then comparable with that of the healthy control group and of a group supplemented with estradiol (6).

The beneficial effect of Boron on bones seems to be due to two interrelated effects: a higher Boron content of the bones which makes them harder, and a normalization of sex hormones which stimulates the growth of new bone. Low estrogen levels after menopause are thought to be the main reason why so many older women develop osteoporosis. In men testosterone levels decline more gradually which seems to be reflected in their later onset of osteoporosis as a group.”

For women who have joint pain or arthritis the results of boron supplementation are just as powerful so I highly recommend reading this whole article. Taking a teaspoon of the liquid Ionic boron a day for less than 6 weeks has actually created amazing healing. . You could be dancing at your own funeral!

The article also has information about the intake of calcium supplements that doctors are recommending that is actually accelerating aging – not what we want to do!

Now a piece of serendipity that happened is I was wondering yesterday about the flouride that so many people have added to their water, whether they want it or not. I thought it might be implicated in osteoporosis because it is known to be implicated in bone cancer. So this article covers that as well. Thank you, Universe! Boron will also actually help remove flouride from your body as well as free-floating calcium in your blood.

Here is the article

I just checked my multi vitamin and all I get if I take all 8 pills a day (which I don’t ) is 1.5 mgs  so I am going to buy some Ionic boron today. I’ll add to this post when my 6 weeks is up and let you know what happened. I don’t have any joint pain so I might not notice anything but I’ll do it anyway.

Update: I found the original source of the article: and decided to take borax instead of the Ionic Boron. It is more powerful. There is also more information in this version of the article. The instructions on taking Borax are about halfway down the page.



New Information about Magnesium

June 8, 2008 0 Comments

Magnesium is needed for almost every chemical reaction in our bodies and over 68% of Americans are deficient in it. Our levels are often so low that taking magnesium orally does not bring them up to normal. Oral magnesium is poorly absorbed and leads to diarrhea so many doctors give magnesium intravenously to bring patients back into balance.

Now there is a new way to absorb magnesium. The product is called Ancient Minerals and you spray it on your skin, diluted with water to the level that feels comfortable. People have different levels of sensitivity in their skin. Too much makes me itchy. Or you can put it in a bath or a footbath.

If you have heart problems, asthma, cancer, depression or migraines, you really need to read the whole site at the above link. But our focus here is on bone strength so, as I’ve said before, the balance of calcium and magnesium is one of the deciding factors for the health of your bones.

Dr Sircus says, “It is magnesium that controls the fate of potassium and calcium in the body. If magnesium is insufficient, potassium and calcium will be lost in the urine and calcium will be deposited in the soft tissues (kidneys, arteries, joints, brain, etc.)… Calcium causes muscles to contract and magnesium helps them to relax.”

The ratio of calcium to magnesium among Americans is estimated to be 6:1 and many researchers think it should be less than 2:1. Now calcium is being tossed willy-nilly into almost every processed food so our numbers are going to get even higher as the younger generation grows up. This is a bad portent for osteoporosis.

Dr Kathryn Ryder said, “Higher magnesium intake through diet and supplements was positively associated with total-body bone mineral density in older white men and women. For every 100 mg per day increase in magnesium, there was an approximate 2% increase in whole-body BMD.

Dr Barnett compared the bones of healthy people and osteoporotic bone and found the calcium content to be similar but the magnesium content much lower in the weaker bone, 1.26% to .62%. That was in the 50’s and doctors haven’t got the message yet. They are pushing gobs of calcium onto every woman over 40 as if it was the magic bullet for bones, in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.

Here is a good test – if you can bend over to pick something off the floor and squat to look for something you’ve dropped, without any creaking or effort, then you are probably not storing too much calcium in your body. If that is not the case for you then some more magnesium would be a good idea.
Or you could have a real test, of course. I’m taking an intense bunch of detox stuff and a stack of supplements right now and then I intend to have a red blood cell analysis done at the end of the month to see what nutrients and toxins I have within my cells. Then I will be clearer on what I need to take after that.

If you have been reading the blog regularly, then you know I have added a lot of new hormone supplements plus the extra D3 lately as well. That makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly which effect is attributable to each thing. But, I can say without a doubt, that spraying the magnesium for a couple of weeks has improved my patience level amazingly. Impatience is my main shortcoming, I think. Others may have different  suggestions, probably a long list of them. 🙂  I admit to having felt impatience with my mother often in the past. Now I can walk along at a snail’s pace in harmony, I can listen to the same remark I’ve heard a hundred times before and respond kindly. This week on our shopping outing I felt blessed instead of harassed. That’s worth the slightly high price of the transdermal magnesium for sure.

May you be flexible and peaceful – That would be nice for the world in general, wouldn’t it? Spray your partner with some magnesium as well.


New Look at Vitamin D3

May 29, 2008 0 Comments

You probably all know that calcium will not make bone in your body without the help of Vitamin D3. In my videos there is a clip of me glugging down Cod Liver Oil from a tablespoon. I was under the impression that I was exceeding my need for Vitamin D3 by a pretty large amount, since the RDA, which we all know is ridiculous, is only 400 IU. A tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil gives 1200 IU plus I have 800 IU in my multi-vitamin.

Imagine my surprise when a test showed my Vitamin D3 level to be 27 while the preferred range is 70 – 100. If I upped my intake of the oil then the amount of Vitamin A, which is also in the oil, might be excessive. There is almost no danger in excess Vitamin D supplementation but that is not the case with Vitamin A.

So I started researching and found an amazing new book, The Vitamin D Cure. It is really a necessary read if you want to get to the bottom of the bone-building mystery. Dr Dowd says the same as I have always said, that we take too much calcium and it’s dangerous.

Since more than half the American population of any age is Vitamin D deficient this is not a minor problem. Age, brown skin, and obesity add to the likelihood of you lacking in this vitamin.

Our bodies make Vitamin D from the sun mostly, there are few foods that have it. So how much sun do you get on a daily basis, without sunscreen? Not much, I’ll bet. I’m in California but a beautiful sunny day might go by entirely without my presence while my nose is buried in my computer. We don’t store Vitamin D either so it’s not something you can get on your vacation to last the year.

The other thing Dr Dowd goes into in depth in his book is the acidification of our diets, our lack of fresh vegetables and fruits and overconsumption of refined grains and dairy products. He is singing my song – green vegetables every day, as much raw as possible and regular exercise. I really recommend the book. If you take enough Vitamin D3 to get your numbers within the preferred range, you can expect your health to improve in amazing ways including pain erasure and more flexibility.

I am now taking a total of 5000 IU of Vitamin D. That’s 3 1000 IU capsules added to the Cod Liver Oil and multi. I will have another test in 3 months and see if I have reached my goal. The number is based on my weight according to a table in the book.

Another interesting thing is that you can cut your extra calcium supplements out when you have your Vitamin D within range. He has a very interesting and somewhat complicated chapter on the interactions of calcium and D3 that explains a lot.

Your children and grandchildren should be taking more Vitamin D also. The D they add to milk is probably D2, which is not as absorbable and not as easily recognized by the body. It will help them in every conceivable way and perhaps they will not grow up to have bone issues as we do. Dr Dowd makes the case that our bone patterns were laid down during pregnancy and childhood by the availability of Vitamin D. I know that we children were given Cod Liver Oil and Malt from a spoon when we were young but my mother was never given any during pregnancy, the most important time.

So, get the book, it will be something you can recommend to your whole family. Then get some supplements, 1000 IU Vitamin D3. I got Now Foods, 180 capsules for less than $5-. Can you imagine something that will be life-changing that is so cheap! Then get rid of the acidifying stuff in your diet and exercise regularly in moderation. That’s a formula to send your biological age going backwards.