Ulcer Drugs Increase Risk of Osteoporosis and Dementia

June 28, 2017

If you are taking proton pump inhibitors for ulcers or acid stomach you are running a significant risk of getting dementia (44%) and of breaking a hip.

From a great article on GreenMedInfo by Linda Woolven & Ted Snider:

“Research has linked PPIs to osteoporosis and–get this- -heart attack. Using PPIs for 7 or more years is associated with a 92% increase in the risk of osteoporosis related fractures. After 5 years, there is a 62% increased risk specifically of hip fractures (CMAJ 2008;179:319-26). Women who used PPIs for only 2 years in a study of 79,899 postmenopausal women had a 35% greater risk of hip fracture: the risk was especially great for smokers. When the researchers added this study to 10 others in a meta-analysis, they found a 30% increased risk of hip fracture with PPI use (BMJ 2012;344:e372).”

Read the whole article here.

They also tell you how to use natural cures to take care of your acid reflex and ulcers with NO side effects.

Apparently these are some of the most popular drugs in the world and also the most dangerous. So if you are taking Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid etc please read the article and get off the drugs.

I’m very grateful to have found GreenMedInfo because Sayer Ji, the founder, likes to do the research through medical studies that I find mind boggling. His site has an amazing amount of information on all health topics and natural solutions so you should check it out before taking any drugs.

Up until now I have limited my information to subjects that I have personal experience with but now I can broaden my scope and bring other things to your attention.

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Welcome to 2017

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

2016 was one of the most challenging years I can remember.

I am trusting that in 2017 we can all move forward into a new world – not a new world order 😉 A world of love and healing and kindness and caring.

I got caught in the whirl of the political craziness. I became awakened – another name for a conspiracy theorist – which means that I completely stopped believing any government propaganda.

I haven’t watched mainstream news for 35 years and I don’t watch tv so I am not mind-programmed like many people.

But it was my research into the deliberate wickedness of the BigPharma industry many, many years ago that got me started on this path.

I now intend to become more authentic, speaking my truth, and more helpful in whatever ways I can be, in changing this planet back into something that works for all of us.

I haven’t wanted to discuss my personal opinions in case I stepped on anyone’s toes. I get emails from those who worship at the altar of Science sometimes who say I have no proof that my vest works and I should take it off the market.

But I know it works, and I got a call a few weeks ago from someone who had her numbers improve very significantly in the two years she has worn it. By the end of this century, if we survive, people will be amazed that the worship of fake and phony science went so far as to almost destroy the planet.

Our truth lies inside each one of us. Our hearts can tell us what is right for us. We don’t have to be obedient to doctors or governments who tell us what we should do, usually for their benefit.

I went to an ear doctor last week who prescribed an ear antibiotic that would cost me $300- because I was in the ‘donut hole’ of the insurance. What kind of an asinine idea is that ‘donut hole’ anyway??? Who let them get away with that??

I asked my regular old doc and he prescribed another antibiotic that cost me $4.09 and it’s working fine.

So my belief is that this Universe is sending more light here to Earth right now in order to wake us up if we choose to. Then we can spend more time in nature attuning to the organic instead of the synthetic matrix. And leave the crazy cell-phones behind! Amazing how many people are walking at the beach now with their noses in their phones 😉

IMHO the more time we can spend with our feet on Mother Earth absorbing the rays of the sun and centering in our own hearts with appreciation, the kinder we will remember to be.

As the ruling shadow government is finding out right now, there is no escape from this planet and you can’t take any ill-gotten gains with you so what is the point of all the greed? I will settle down and honor the wonderful gift I have been given. We all chose to be here at this pivotal time to make a difference. I have been waiting a long time and I will make my own unique difference before I go.



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Scoliosis, Dowager’s Hump and Yoga

September 2, 2016

I just read an amazing article about a woman with Dowager’s Hump and extreme back pain who was cured by a certain kind of yoga. I had never thought it was possible to be straight again after the back collapses but you can see it with your own eyes here.

The yoga teacher who taught her, Rachel Jesien had scoliosis since she was a child and finally found a solution in a certain kind of yoga. She gives lots of credits to other teachers so perhaps you can find one close to you if you need it.

I was so happy to read this. I hope those who need it see this post.


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Updates on Calcium, the NTx Bone Test and More

December 5, 2014

This will be the last time I send out the blog post as a newsletter. I will continue writing the blog when necessary and you will find it here on the site if you remember to look but the newsletter software has just more than doubled in price and it’s probably not worth it. Only about 10% of readers click on the links in the newsletter anyway.

So, upward and onward. There was information on a new study on calcium supplementation in The Second Opinion Newsletter of November 28, 2014.A recent study looked at the effect of calcium supplements on carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) in women taking calcium supplements. CIMT is the thickness of the inner two layers of the carotid artery. Doctors can measure it easily using an ultrasound. And here’s the point. The thicker these two inner layers are, the more at risk you are for having a heart attack or a stroke.”

“The researchers looked at 182 postmenopausal women between 50-60 years old over 2 years. The results were so significant that the researchers said, “In postmenopausal women with elevated blood fats, calcium supplements should be prescribed with caution.”

Dr Shallenberger has a lot more information about the negative effects of supplemental calcium in the article so you should read it for yourself. You have to sign up for his newsletter to read it.

The NTx test or N-Telopeptide test  is a urine test that can tell you if you are losing bone right now. We lose more bone coming into and during menopause, then the bone loss slows down. So you can tell if you are in the normal range or if you are losing more bone than you should be. Before menopause the number is about 36, during menopause it can go as high as 70 but then it should settle back to around 50, which means you are losing about half of one percent of bone per year.

Last thing is from the December newsletter by Jeffrey Dach, M.D. I have recommended him before. He has a free book on his site about bio-identical hormones, he’s enormously informative and has a huge heart. He gives away a lot of information and he doesn’t try to sell you expensive supplements like most alternative people. He has a fascinating article about Low Stomach Acid. It led to hair loss in one of his clients but, when you read the article you will find it is the root of many so called Aging Problems. Most doctors will give you acid blockers when what you really need is more stomach acid.

I have personal experience with this because I had a number of the problems he lists when I went into the extremely expensive Functional Doctor treatment for auto immune diseases this year.With the diet I went on and the supplements I took I got wonderful results but, on reading this, I wonder if just adding the acid supplements for better digestion would have done the trick for pennies. Anyway lesson learned. I take the supplements he recommends with every meal now.

Ok, here’s one silly little thing – do you have vertical ridges in your nails. I did. I don’t now. I read a hundred sites online and they all said normal aging. Bullpuckey! It was low stomach acid. I would bet that his article will apply in some way to almost everyone reading this newsletter.

So now I have left you in good hands and I’m turning my focus to creating art. I’m putting in an art studio and that will be my passion now. I am feeling totally well and letting go of the attention to creating wellness and just enjoying it. I will write when something comes to my attention but I won’t be sending it to your mailbox.

Blessings to you all,



Tips on Gaining Weight – or Losing It

October 27, 2014

When I went on the Auto-Immune diet earlier this year, the diet was so limited that I went down to 109 lbs. That was way too skinny for me, in fact I moved into scrawny and didn’t like it a bit. Now I have found out which foods are not good for me and added the rest back.

Most women scoff when you say you need to gain weight because they have a problem losing it but it is just as much a problem. I have tried everything to get some pounds back and now I think I have it licked. I’m up to 114 lbs and seem to be gaining steadily.

The trick is to use to log everything that goes into my mouth. That way I have clear targets and don’t go to bed until they are met. It’s a free program and I highly recommend it. You fill in your profile first with your stats. Then  I chose the weight goal of gaining two pounds a week. I didn’t actually gain that quickly but the one pound a week setting didn’t seem to make any difference.

Then you decide on your macronutrient target ratio – protein/carbs/fats. So the Zone Diet is 30/30/40, the Paleo Diet is 15/25/60 etc. You can also do a custom ratio – mine is 15/20/65.

That means I am eating a lot of fat – a LOT! But I have done a lot of research, starting with Dr Rosedale years ago, and I think that good fats are totally safe. I may not stay on this diet for ever but it’s working for me right now.

The good thing about adding lots of fat is that it’s easy. I can have strawberries with coconut cream twice a day, put avocado oil or coconut oil on everything, eat tons of macademia nuts and I make my quota. The carbs are all fruits and veggies. No sugar, no starches, no grains, no dairy, few to none processed foods.

So for people who want to lose weight you use the same program and enter every food that goes in your mouth so you actually start to realize how much you are eating. Yes, I know it’s work to cook and prepare your own food and to enter it in. But it works!! And I’m feeling so healthy! And it seems to keep me aware on other levels as well. I monitor my energy level better, my insulin levels have gone down, my mood is up.

I’m actually planning some house improvements that I had been too tired to even think of doing for ages. So my world is looking rosy. I have finally finished the transition from an English garden to all succulents because of our record drought and that was a LOT of work! And I loved it!!

So I bet I don’t get many women even opening this newsletter but it might help a few skinnies to gain some weight and that all helps with the bone strengthening.

Update 2015:
I am up to 120 lbs now, right where I want to stay and what did it was rice pudding! I make it with cooked brown rice and coconut cream and a little stevia. I love it! In fact I have to cut back now I’ve achieved my weight goal or I’ll blow right past it. I had given up grains with the auto-immune diet but brown rice is the grain least likely to be an allergen so I gave it a try.