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May 2013 Be Your Best Year Yet

December 31, 2012

I was provoked into writing another post right now by one of the comments I got back from the last one. Someone was a bit resistant to the idea that we can create a life that is more wonderful than before when youth and our bodies start to go.

In this odd world we have co-created there are many beliefs about aging being a process of deterioration, a downhill path, a one-way trip to a bad end ūüėČ

Often the diagnosis of bone thinning is a first message from our body that it is time to treat it with a lot more care. Time to put ourselves first finally! But many doctors are so fear based that they scare women with what has forever been a natural occurrence. Telling women of 45 that they should no longer do forward bends is an example. Would you tell me how we can be in our lives without doing a forward bend!! And that is only a risk if you already have fractured vertebrae.

But now we have such wonderful ways to communicate with one another through the internet, we can find out about women turning their lives around miraculously every day.¬†You could spend ¬†20 minutes watching some of the TED and TEDx talks and be totally inspired to step forward in a new way into your own life. There are no problems that can’t be changed, even if the change is only in our attitude towards them.

Since I became really ill ten years ago and brought myself back to health from knowledge gained on the Internet and from books, my life has truly become more wonderful and a bigger adventure every year.¬†Back when I was sick I thought, “How can life get better now, I’ve done everything I came to do, I’ve raised a wonderful child, been through college and become educated, had a business that was successful, been married twice and not interested in doing that again. What is left for me to do?”

Now I clearly understand that I was thinking from a stressed place. When you think from stress, and stress is endemic in this culture, you are not thinking clearly.¬†Release your stress and think from a brand new place and then your thoughts are actually creative and useful.¬†You can release stress by EFT, a tapping process that is clearly explained on youtube, or by being out in nature, or spending time with people or animals that you love, meditating or doing whatever you do to make your world feel good again – not including eating ice cream ūüėČ

And if you have no clue what useful thing you can do in the world to help make it a better place, no clue what special talent and skill you came into share until your dying breath ;-), then just put ‘women’s blogs’ into Google and see the thousands of ways that women are contributing to each other now with the miracle of connection.¬†Women are writing their truth and, NO!, it has not all been said before. If your voice and your life experience is lacking then it has not all been said ūüôā

So I want to end with some links to videos that inspired me when I was down, check some of them out and see what is possible. The first two are women much older than most of us but that is why they are inspiring. They didn’t subscribe to the cultural beliefs, they marched to their own drums.

Watch this one to the end, it will surprise you Never underestimate an old gal

Johanna Quass is an 86-year-old woman

A broken body isn’t a broken person

Unlocking the Power of Women

So I wish you your best year ever for 2013

Virtual hug,

Resolutions for 2011

January 7, 2011

Well, I’ve been incredibly busy having a great time, which is part of my New Year’s Resolutions. I’m dancing NIA five days a week with an occasional weekend workshop thrown in. I rarely think about my bones any more except to appreciate how strong they are. In fact next week I’m going to try out a class I just found out about on learning trapeze and aerial gymnastics.

So you can see why I’ve been a little remiss in writing in this blog lately. I’m also in the middle of creating a new website selling dance clothing! Inner¬†Dance Clothing.¬†I found there was very little clothing suitable for women of my age who take up dance and NIA, for one, is full of women over 50. So I made myself some clothes and people liked them and now I’m starting something new.

I love¬†getting into¬†new areas of¬†interest and, when I focus my attention on something new, the Universe always brings me whatever I’m thinking about. Do you notice that in your life? It’s the Law of Attraction in action.

Anyway, back to resolutions; I’m being good again and cutting the sugar and wheat back out of my diet. I totally lost control since Thanksgiving. What’s funny is that I was clean for 5 days and then a visitor brought me an almond croissant and I felt so bad after I ate it that it reminded me how bad sugar is for me. If I had continued to eat it that effect would have disappeared from my attention as usual.

My BIG resolution this year though is to love myself totally. You probably know by now that I use the Abraham-Hicks principles to make my life more joyful and he always says the most important thing is to feel good. Check out youtube for numerous videos.

The more I can stream love into my life the better I feel. It’s totally working for me. There is no point in trying to love someone else when you don’t love yourself.¬† I remembered that one of the things I did long ago when I started my bone journey was to love my bones.¬†It’s counter-productive to think those fear thoughts that the drug-pushers are trying to make you think. Just appreciate the bones you have and then dream big. I dreamed of doing backbends again like I did when I was a kid and I’m doing it!

Your mind/body/Spirit wants to give you exactly what you want and the only way it can tell what you want is what you spend most of your time thinking about. If you think of collapsing bones then that’s what it will give you. Luckily there is a lag time in the creation so you can change your thoughts now before they get manifested. If you can’t think happy thoughts about your bones then just change the subject and get happy some other way; pet your dog or hug your friends.

Appreciate your bones just as they are every day, and then visualize yourself radiantly healthy, doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing but never really thought you would.

Maybe I’ll see you hanging from a trapeze someday,

Think of What You WANT, Not What You Don’t Want

February 19, 2010

I think a key to living a life of joy is to notice our thoughts, especially as we get older. There are so many cultural group-thoughts that are fired at us all day long through the media, other people and our old unexamined beliefs.

In this culture aging is not respected at all and is seen as a downhill path from which there is no escape. Yes, we will get old and die, I’m not arguing with that. What I’m arguing with is the additional piece we’ve added. Now it’s get old, DETERIORATE, and die.

To me that part is unnecessary and can be easily avoided. The trick, according to the Law of Attraction, is to focus on what we¬†DO want and not on what we¬†DON’T want.

In the matter of bones it is entirely clear what the medical emphasis on measuring bones is about. It’s about selling drugs, that don’t help, through fear of the numbers. I can’t tell you how many women call me with their numbers, imagining a catastrophic ending as their bones erode out from under them.

So, it’s a little hard to convince them to turn their backs on the numbers, not to live in fear, and not to push against that negative future. But the real trick, as I said, is to look forward to what we DO WANT.

So how do you want your aging to look? What vision do you have for your future? To have an exciting present we have to have an exciting future to look forward to. When I was 55 and I got sick, I know it was partly because I couldn’t see a way to an exciting future. My second marriage was over and I wasn’t feeling engaged¬†by my¬†work and I couldn’t see anything ahead that was bright and alluring.

Now I have earned my way back to health and I am finally as healthy as I dreamed of being, I am inventing new dreams. Not of finally meeting my soulmate or becoming a millionaire, but of fulfilling my own potential in this lifetime. I have many skills and talents, as do we all, and I want to know when I die that I have used ALL of them to the MAX – and then learned MORE!

So, when I was thinking of what I DO WANT in specifics, I asked my Inner Wisdom to bring me something exciting to do, besides my business and my grandchildren. It brought me this video  I watched that and I was hooked! Just look at all those powerful older women! I knew immediately that I wanted to go out of this life dancing.

So I found a local group and I went for the third time last night and it was heaven, like coming home. In May I will go for White Belt training and then I will work up through the years ahead to Black Belt. All the women in the video were Black Belts.

So, this is my path, my exciting future. What will yours be? If you are stuck in boring relationships, boring jobs and boring lives then it is time to invent a better future. Start talking with your Inner Being, your connection to Source, and ask for some suggestions. She knows you best, she’s been with you forever and totally loves, accepts and adores you. Ask her for help and then just watch your thoughts during the day. Drop negative thoughts as if they were burning coals and think of your wonderful future instead. That’s the way you can, thought by thought, reinvent yourself.

If you are interested in learning¬†more about the Law of Attraction you can find really good information here –¬†Or buy the latest book, “The Vortex” by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

I’ll keep you posted on my journey to Black Belt because it has everything to do with strong bones and a joyful life.

Worrying about Osteopenia and Bone Loss

September 24, 2008 0 Comments

I seem to have had a lot of calls and emails this week from people who are very worried about bone density loss. Some have just been diagnosed with Osteopenia, some have been working on Osteoporosis for some time.

One customer had a new dexa test after a year of using the weight vest and found she had improved her numbers in the spine and right hip, while her left hip got weaker – according to the scan. This is not at all logical and my inclination is to disbelieve the test. She has been rebounding with the vest and you can’t favor one leg when you rebound. There is a lot of evidence that the tests are different according to the machine used and according to the technician doing the test. They are variable – which is very anti-science. Science is supposed to be repeatable.

As you may know from previous posts, I don’t bother with bone tests excepting for the urine test that shows if you are actually losing bone right now. That is all I need to know. If I am not losing bone then my bone program is working and I don’t have to get upset about numbers. There is something about diagnoses and numbers that is very detrimental to our health. I’m a believer in the principle that what you focus on will appear in your reality, for example, start thinking of buying a Prius and then notice how many you see and how many people talk to you about them.

So our emotional life is very influential on our health; some people think it is the biggest influence, even more than what we eat, drink and breathe. I’m more and more convinced that this is so. The drug companies have parlayed what is normal bone thinning after menopause into a gazillion dollar industry selling drugs that actually cause bone loss and multiple other problems, by invoking a fearful response in relatively young women. Fear is the real killer!

It was the same with cholesterol. There is news recently that cholesterol is actually a protective measure against an acid diet and that there are as many people dying of heart attacks with no cholesterol problems as with them. I have never believed in the cholesterol myth but most Americans were certainly taken in by it. The article I read said that it would take a long while for doctors to admit to this drug company scam.

So my theory is that the fear about cholesterol put into people’s minds was more dangerous than the actual problem. The same with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, it’s the fear that causes the negative focus and negative emotions about it, that eventually effects your health. Your body will give you anything you focus on. If you think daily about your mum dying young of ——– and wonder when the axe will fall on you, then chances are it will, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

My message here is to watch your negative thoughts. When you find yourself fearful or worried about any possible disease, switch your thoughts as fast as possible to something you appreciate about your body or your life. Appreciation beats fear hands down! Now I am recovering from the candida problem I see that I was very fearful about it and focusing on it way too much. There is a balance between doing the concrete things that you have to do to get well and being totally involved in being unwell.

I now take time every morning to really appreciate my body for the miracles it does in every second of my day – without any conscious direction on my part! I know my body is a self-healing magician that has my best interests at heart. I send it appreciation and love and give the constant criticism the boot!

I was slowly and surely getting better from all the concrete measures that I took involving diet, supplements and exercise, but now I am reminded of the power of my mind to create in my body, I have taken a huge leap forward in wellness. Here is an example Рwhen I awoke a month ago I would check in to see what was happening in my body; is my mouth dry, is my tongue white, am I groggy, etc. etc. I was looking for indications to see how well I should feel! I was asking my body Рam I better today and gathering evidence that said NO. That was really dumb.

Now, as soon as I am conscious, I smile and then thank Source for the day and for my life. No need to check for errors in the program because I trust the program again now. My body has always been on my side, always will be, it will always do it’s best to give me what I focus on. I lost that trust when I was deep into the illness and it’s like coming home to get it back.

Take care,