Bones for Life

July 6, 2018

You may know that I was a Feldenkrais practitioner years ago and I credit that with my good movement practices throughout my life. I haven’t done any real exercise since I gave up dance 3 years ago but my daily walks with the dog and deep breathing keep me fit.

Now I came across Ruthy Alon’s work with Feldenkrais again. She was one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ earliest students and now is close to 90. She has a program called Bones for Life that is on dvds that you can download. I love Ruthy so I signed up right away.

I downloaded 24 90 minute segments and I am doing half a segment every day if possible. It has totally revived my movement! I straightened up more and I walk better already. I realized I had been giving into the aging BS message from the culture and I’ve kicked that to the curb again 😉

She has a long cloth wrap that you can use to do a lot of the movements and eventually I will be putting it on my head like a crown so I can emulate the wonderful women in Africa carrying big loads and having strong, flexible bones all their lives. You can make your own out of 7 yds of 36 inch wide non-stretch cotton.

So here are some sample videos that you can watch to see if you would be interested http://www.movementintelligence.org/video.html and here

And here is where you can read more about it and order the program. She has other programs as well that I will get when I have finished this one. There is also a short version with 6 lessons  http://bonesforlife.com/

There are also video clips made by various practitioners on youtube.

Here is my honest assessment after looking at the program with new eyes 😉 It’s been 30 years since I was a practitioner!

Ruthy’s Feldenkrais teaches how to be present in your body, how to move in small increments and short lessons that add up over a six day workshop to real change.

It feels strange at first. We are not accustomed to paying attention to small movements of the body. I am so grateful they put it on video because it is too much to learn all at once IMHO.

But, walking around after each segment, you get to feel the difference in your body; your breathing becomes more open, your stiffness melts away, your restrictions in movement from old injuries are gently released. I know that from watching the people in the videos. They are totally different at the end of the 6 days.

It’s not for people who go to the gym and work their muscles out hard enough to create endorphins. It’s about learning more about this beautiful body we live in and how it was supposed to move. A push on the foot is supposed to go up through your entire body and raise the head; not get trapped and diverted by a twerky shoulder or a crooked neck.

I am so grateful to have found this work again and to have the time and space to do it daily.

You can also find teachers who have been through this program and who teach it in segments. Most cities have Feldenkrais practitioners now.

This program beats any ‘exercise’ based program for bones out there. It teaches your brain the better ways to move your body and your brain never forgets completely. With it you can recover slowly and carefully from injury. It requires patience, persistence and a willingness to follow instructions even when your mind doesn’t get it 😉 Remember, the mind is the last to KNOW anything 😉 Knowing is a brain, heart and gut combo.

So, I don’t get any commission from this. I just want all of you wonderful, intelligent women who I talk to about my vest to have a new tool.




Scoliosis, Dowager’s Hump and Yoga

September 2, 2016

I just read an amazing article about a woman with Dowager’s Hump and extreme back pain who was cured by a certain kind of yoga. I had never thought it was possible to be straight again after the back collapses but you can see it with your own eyes here.

The yoga teacher who taught her, Rachel Jesien had scoliosis since she was a child and finally found a solution in a certain kind of yoga. She gives lots of credits to other teachers so perhaps you can find one close to you if you need it.

I was so happy to read this. I hope those who need it see this post.


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We Are NOT All The Same

August 6, 2014

The truth of this title has been in my face lately. Selling a product like a weight vest to so many different ages and personalities of women is not an easy job 😉

I can usually say that women over 80 should probably not put weight on their spine, but some can. I can usually say that you should start out with fewer weights and work up, but women who go to the gym and work out regularly obviously don’t have to do that.

Now the weight vest is going a bit more mainstream I am getting more women who are probably not good candidates for it but their alternative doctor or physical therapist or friend has recommended it for them. I think it is women who find it for themselves online, read the whole site, and make up their own mind who will stick with it. Like everything else it requires work and commitment.

So I was learning something new lately and it included a test  that anyone can do to contact our own Inner Wisdom. It is a variation of muscle testing and I have never believed in that before because I believed that the thoughts of the person doing or getting the testing affected the result. But this one seems to work for me so I decided I would share it and see if it works for anyone else.

It is the Sway Test. You can be in the market and touch a food or package lightly and see if you sway forward, towards it, or backwards, away from it. The thing that makes it different is that you contact your Higher Power and your Inner Wisdom before you ask.

What you are trying to do is access the enormous vault of knowledge in your unconscious mind. By asking simple yes or no questions you can be sure there is no room for subtle evasions 😉

A good way to test it is to test something with GMOs or with Aspartame. Both of those things are guaranteed to be toxic to anyone’s system. If any of you are still ingesting either of them you really should do some research on mercola.com because there is new evidence of their toxicity all the time.

I did a video to show you how it works below. I am putting all my videos on Vimeo now since there are some people who don’t trust Youtube.

I’m sorry it was so long between blogs but I was getting my book finished. It will be on Amazon in a week or so – Come Home to Your Body.

I also watched a beautiful video this week on Blessings and the short story is that blessings are not religious or denominational, they are universal, wishing you all the best that the Universe has in store for you.

So Blessings,


Walk into a Happier Mood

April 24, 2014

Since you are supposed to walk for an hour a day with your weight vest to improve bone density, what else can you do on that walk that would accomplish something really life-changing for you?

A few days ago I was totally bummed with an emotional issue that I just couldn’t get out of my mind. So I was doing the hamster-wheel thing in my head going over and over it. I was walking on the beach because that is so healing for me but even that wasn’t really working to get me out of my funk.

Then a young woman walked by having a conversation with her earbuds and she was swinging her arms vigorously and walking like a powerful person. I suddenly noticed my internal and external physiology, my posture, and I got the realization I was walking like my mother in her last years. Towards the end her mind was going and she didn’t remember that she was loved plus she was afraid of dying so she walked like a scared, depressed person.

My posture wasn’t that bad but there was enough of that energy present to surprise me. I straightened up immediately and slid my shoulder blades down my spine trying to make them meet in the middle of my back. I swung my arms more vigorously and I lengthened my stride. I didn’t get on the phone because I think that is really insane on the beach 😉

Immediately I felt better, in fact I burst out laughing at the change. I suddenly saw the stew I was in from a new perspective and saw clearly that the other person was not going to change so all I could change was my reaction. I could create better boundaries so this person could not affect my self-image. I am fine, he is fine, we are just not walking the same path. Why would we be? We basically all have to find the path that works for us in this life.

So then I experimented with other emotional states as I walked along to see how many states I could get into and out of by merely changing my posture. I have a total belief in using the power of body awareness to create in your life but I somehow forgot to use that when I was in the dumps. Luckily my inner wisdom created this young woman to teach me in the moment I needed it.

So try it for yourself. Ask yourself some questions as you walk:

  • Am I walking like anyone I know?
  • Am I walking like BIG PAM or like little pam?
  • Is my body expressing any specific emotion with my movement?
  • Am I fully present in this moment – or in the past or future?
  • Am I expressing all the enthusiasm I could in this moment?
  • Am I allowing myself to feel the joy in the world in this moment?
  • Am I appreciating all that I have in this moment?
  • Am I sending back love to nature, or the planet, or Gaia, or trees, or flowers, or whatever in this moment.

Another fun thing you can do is mimic other people’s posture (after they pass) and see if you can feel what they are feeling when you do it. Many men in this culture walk with their toes turned out, duck walk, and it is really funny to try that and see how it feels; your belly goes out, your back arches.

Instead of just getting some exercise or improving your bones, you can be improving your capacity to change your emotions in your hour of walking.

Please let me know in the comments if you can make this work on the treadmill. It might be a little more difficult.

Enjoy your walking, and get your free morning meditation here – http://healthyover50.com/meditation/


Upper Body Strength

February 10, 2014

Several women have emailed to ask for some more upper body exercises because they feel so weak in that area. We don’t seem to do all the physical work of lifting children and carrying stuff around that we do when we have young families and it’s amazing how fast your body lets go of muscle when it’s not being used. So I made a video of some hanging exercises that I learned from Katy Bowman at AlignedandWell.com.

If you have shoulder injuries you can try just the first position and see how you do. Katy is like a Paleo movement person. I’m just starting a version of the Paleo diet so it is interesting how that ties in. My Feldenkrais training taught me that our modern ways of moving are not natural for our bodies. We constantly overuse certain movements and don’t use the full range of motion that our bodies have. Moving in spirals and circles is the natural way to move not in angles like soldiers.

Children especially are getting very restricted in their range of movement that they do every day. Their thumbs are getting overworked from electronics while their legs and arms are beginning to atrophy – just kidding, it’s not quite that bad yet 😉

Another exercise that I do every day for upper body strength is a handstand against the wall held for one minute. I do that while I’m waiting for my bathtub to fill so I rarely forget it and I’ve got some nice upper back muscle from that.

So, once again, if you have restrictions in your shoulders don’t go beyond the first exercise. You can just do the pushup against the wall that is on the exercise dvd until you gain some strength.

The version of the Paleo diet I will be starting soon is the Auto-Immune Paleo. It is extremely restrictive because it cuts out all the foods that are common sensitivities but it helps people with auto-immune diseases heal their gut and their immune systems so I am going to give it my best shot. I’ll tell you how it’s working in the next newsletter.

Meantime, enjoy your moving,