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New Articles on pH balance, Cancer and drugs.

May 18, 2016

This is a quick note because I read two articles today that I thought would be good information for you. One is about the use of baking soda to heal cancer. If you have read this site you know I have been taking baking soda with lemon juice every night before bed for twenty five years to help keep my pH balanced. So I was very interested to find that there have finally been studies about the healing of cancer with it.

The writer is an alternative doctor and seems very sensible.
The article is here.

The second article is from Dr Christianne Northrup who has the same reservations I do about unnecessary drugs. She talks about 4 classes of drugs that do more harm than good here.
She also has some good solutions for GERD and heartburn.

Another class of drugs that I would certainly never take is anti-depressants. They are one of the worst abuses of the drug companies in my opinion. They have been solidly proven to do much more harm than good. Go to and put depression in his search to find out about that.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to even the average American now that the drug companies are not on our side. They are in business to make money and don’t care about the collateral damage they cause. They are listed as the third cause of death in the US today. So always check with to research the drugs your doctor is handing out before you take them.



New Hormone Research

October 6, 2014

There is a huge upsurge in research about hormones going on and more hormones are being discovered all the time. just had a great newsletter about that with a BBC video about hormone research since they were first discovered to now.

Our glands, that secrete hormones, were not that obvious to researchers, not like bones. And there are no special pathways like nerves or blood vessels that take the hormones here and there in the body so they were not investigated completely until relatively recently.

Dr Mercola also had an interview with Dr Hertoghe, here. I have recommended his book for years and now he has written another one. You can download a transcript of that interview and it explains all the hormones that so drastically affect our lives in a very clear way.

He also tells you things you can do first, nutritionally or with supplements, before you decide to get bio-identicals or thyroid meds. Our hormone production does diminish with age and with stress so women are having symptoms of deficiencies earlier than ever before. In fact, even children are suffering from burnt out adrenals just like adults.

So you owe it to yourself to read this article if you want to stay on top of your game as you age.

Now if you try the first solutions and then find that you need to get tests done and you don’t have access to a doctor who will test you for bio-identicals, there is another option. Many people don’t have alternative doctors in their vicinity and Medicare does not pay for bio-identicals for some ridiculous reason. They are too busy paying for Viagra, the most popular drug in their arsenal!

There is a site online called where you can get blood and saliva tests done by mail and get a clear explanation of what the results mean in a very short time. Less than a two week turnaround. I have used this lab many times and find them highly trustworthy. I do NOT get any kickback from these people, just so you know.

So, if you are tired or crabby or your hair is getting thin or you can’t concentrate very well, it’s time to learn more about hormones and how they affect your life. I know, you are too busy or too tired to do research – been there, said that! At some point you have to spend a little time on yourself and your well-being just so you can get back to being the dynamo you used to be.

I’ve been doing a lot of amazing new things lately and I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have time and energy and mental function to be able to do all that I’m doing. I know people who are sick or depressed that just manage to get through the day. It’s hard for them to do more but they are the ones who need this the most. If you know people like that in your life, point them towards Dr Hertoghe’s article and help them to understand it. Let’s take care of each other!




Weight Vest for Osteoporosis Has Hit the Mainstream Finally

August 28, 2013

Last week I was approached by Laura Johannes about an article for the Wall Street Journal on how weight vests increase bone in women who have Osteoporosis. I was very excited to talk to her and we had a great chat. She didn’t put much of that in the article but she did get the whole topic out in the mainstream finally after almost ten years of work. I am so grateful.

The reason I send out newsletters is to motivate women to keep on using the vest. It is not to tell you the latest horror stories about the drugs although there will be more and more of those because a court finally decided against Merck recently.

It’s also because I’m always learning new stuff that might help you, so blogs and newsletters are a great way to keep up. Next time it will be a video on posture while wearing the vest, a vital component.

So this post is mainly a recap for those who just joined the mailing list. Welcome women!!  You got the dvds with the old vest but there are a few changes to that information that I would like to mention.

The new research on vitamin D3 has rocketed it to health stardom and the amount necessary to make changes is much higher than was believed 6 years ago when I made the dvd.  Now it is advised to take 5,000 to 10,000 units a day and it will help with seasonal flus and colds and general all-around health as well as bone strength. Have a blood test every time you have your checkup and lower or raise the dose according to your numbers. I am aiming at 75 (according to Dr Mercola) and I haven’t reached that yet. Check out the articles on for more technical information about the new research.

Taking strontium is less certain of benefit than it was so I am on the fence about that and I don’t take it.

The vitamin K2 should be in the form of MK-7, that’s the best kind.

The overdosing of calcium that I have talked about for years is finally reaping some negative effects in the population; bone spurs, arthritis, and it has even been implicated in Alzheimers. Read the articles on the site and the entries on the blog for more information on this.  All newsletters are duplicated on the blog so you have access to them whenever you need them.

One way to see if you are out of balance in your calcium/magnesium ratio is your state of mind. If you are crabby and over-sensitive you need more magnesium.

I still believe strongly in bio-identical hormones and there are up-to-date articles on that on the site and on the blog.

And pH balance is critical for your health, it helps with inflammation which is the cause of most chronic pain, it prevents cancer, it prevents all kinds of illness. An alkaline body rejects disease. An acid body invites it. More on that on the pH balance page.

The doorway squats are essential for strengthening your pelvic floor, up the dose of those to 10 twice a day and remember to stick out your bottom on the way down. Also keep your knees vertical over your feet. Apparently now it is common even for top women weight lifters who are only 40 or so to leak urine when they work out. Not a good scenario. More squats without tucking your tail under!

So enjoy your vests if you have one already, be patient with the wait if you didn’t get yours yet. You didn’t worry about not having one before the article came out so no need to get too concerned, your bones won’t disintegrate in a month 😉

Meantime I’m working intensely on recreating my Healthy Over 50 site so that I can supply more information about all the ways we can create health and joy for ourselves after menopause.

So enjoy until next time,




Update on Bio-Identical Hormones

August 6, 2009

It has been over a year since I gave an update on the bio-identical hormones that I’m taking. I actually looked into having a saliva test done for my adrenals so that I would have some concrete “scientific” results to share, but when I filled out the list of symptoms the only one I had was thin hair and I think I was born with that!

So I decided not to waste the money testing and the results I am telling you are based solely on my feelings and knowledge of my own body.

Since I started the rawfood diet in November 2008 I went off the cortisol for the adrenals and the T3 for the thyroid. My pulse rate dropped from over 100 to about 80. I am now eating some cooked food at dinner, a baked potato or some Ezekial bread with avocado on it, or steamed veggies. Just for the pleasure factor. I think it helps me to be happy with the fruit all day long.

So, the bio-identicals that I am still on are estrogen (2 kinds), progesterone and testosterone. They are all put into one cream that I apply to my arm at night. I tried getting them from many different places, some were over $100- a month, and finally found a great compounding pharmacy online that does the same thing for about $27- a month; lovely, helpful, professional people.

My testing on the last lot of thyroid tests from the doc say that I’m getting lower on thyroid and I do feel a little less energetic than I did when I first went off the drugs. BUT, plenty energetic for my lifestyle still. I’ve finished my house remodel and I’m back to my pretty ordinary life so I have no need of superwoman energy.

I also am thinking so much now about my beliefs and thoughts and feelings and the effect they have on my hormones. I spent a chunk of time with my grandkids this summer and that is always exciting for me so when it was over I was feeling a little bereft and bored. When I worked my way back to being happy I immediately had more energy again.

Now I know the hormone cream is working because I am growing muscle finally with the bodyweight exercises I told you about before. I’m working up to Michelle Obama muscles in my arms! Not quite there yet but I am getting visible muscle. I also woke up with sensual dreams several times in the last few months so the cream is working! I thought I’d give you that information in case you have a significant other in your life 🙂

I am perfectly happy with the results of the cream so I won’t worry about increasing or decreasing it at this point. If I do have to take a bit of  T3  for my thyroid at some point then I will. My doc said we’d decide at the next test in 3 months. But you have to remember that lab tests are wrong a lot of the time although doctors believe them like the gospel. Only you know how you feel and that is more important than any test in town.

So, I hit 65 this year and at the moment I am thriving and I really appreciate that my body is working so well and feeling so good. I bought a wetsuit this summer so I could go in the waves and bodysurf with my grandkids. I was actually embarassed at first to put it on. But I got used to it and I loved it. And now I’m looking forward to a trip in the New Year to a place where there is a zip-line. That’s where you sit on this small seat and hang from a wire high in the canopy of a forest and zip along like a monkey. I’ve wanted to do that ever since I first heard about them years ago and now I’m going to.

I think it is important to have something new and exciting in your life to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be big, just a little stretch in any direction can get your creative  juices flowing again. 

 I wish that for all of you who read this,

Blessings, Pam

My Hormonal Problems Were Quite an Adventure

April 9, 2008 0 Comments

As I said at the beginning of the year, I had an appointment at a hormone specialist practice in February. I had no idea really what I was getting into but I had certain symptoms that were troubling. One was an increasingly high pulse rate, up to 130 at times and averaging 100, a very low blood pressure and increasing fatigue.

I have written an article about this for the site for women who are interested in all the details –here– but this is a short version for the blog. I think many of us with bone problems also have hormone issues so this may be a wake-up call for many women.

It turns out that the Armour thyroid I was taking for my hypothyroid condition was not working correctly. T3 is like the gas in our engines, we can’t live well without it. But in me the Armour was making Reverse T3 as well as T3, and the Reverse T3 was blocking the receptors on my cells so the real T3 couldn’t get in. When the tests came back I was found to have Hashimoto’s disease, which is a non-functioning thyroid. This is an auto-immune disease like the diabetes 1.5 and apparently auto-immune diseases trigger more of the same. My adrenal system is also under attack. The rest of my hormones; estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and aldosterone were very low.

According to the book I recommended, ‘The Hormone Solution’, you can’t try to fix one part of the endocrine system without testing everything and covering all that you need. It just makes everything worse. Unfortunately most doctors are not very well-versed in bio-identical hormones and just want to give you Synthroid for the thyroid and then anti-depressants if you insist on returning with more symptoms.

So I trotted off to Holtorf Medical in LA because they were the closest ones on the list I found from the website linked somehow to the book. They were very expensive but I figured I would get my problem straightened out and it would be worth it.  I have to say I was extremely underwhelmed by the service I got for my money. More on that in the article.

Anyway, I was prescribed various hormones and sent off with instructions to come back in 2 months. The doc did say it would take 6 weeks for the Reverse T3 to work it’s way out of my body but she didn’t warn me that my life might fall apart in the meantime. That first two weeks were a nightmare. I forgot my social security number at one point, and another time I drove 50 miles to deliver something and found out I had forgotten to load part of it.

They call that brain fog and I’d never had that before. I hated it! It was zombie time.
Then I was so tired that I could barely keep the business going. I stopped doing anything but the essentials. Now I’m coming back to life I realize that my internal life stopped also. I didn’t talk to Source or my angels, didn’t even think of them for the most part. It was a very odd experience and I’m actually glad I went through it just so I can really appreciate the rich life I have now my hormones are all coming back online.

I’m just beginning to recover now, it’s four weeks since I started the drugs and it can be a tricky thing to figure out how much of everything you need to make everything work for you. But it really is something you have to figure out for yourself. There is a list of under and over symptoms for every hormone in the book and you have to try and get yourself in that sweet spot that would be different for everyone. No doctor can do that for you.

Once again I have come to realize that we have to take charge of our own health. Do the research and then follow the steps. I’ve read so much about the endocrine system now that I know a lot more than the nurse practitioner that I see. And, once again, the bio-identicals are new endocrinology and still not accepted by mainstream medicine. They give you the same hormones you would be making yourself, in the same quantities, if you were strong and healthy. This is nothing like HRT, which has been proven to be dangerous.

So, I’ll keep you posted. I’m sorry this took so long. I actually have some bone news to blog as well but it may take a few more good days for that.

Onward and upward,