New Way to Improve Thyroid Function

August 20, 2018

My favorite online health information site, GreenMedInfo, just commented on new research on Hashimoto’s Disease. There is really no cure from BigPharma, just ongoing supplementation that often doesn’t work well enough to make you feel good.

Now they are finding that there are two things you can do to improve your thyroid that are really painless and work well. Read the whole article for more information because it is very informative, but here is the skinny version.

1-2 brazil nuts a day for natural selenium, plus plenty of delicious fruits for their myo-inositol (something I’d never heard of before).

“Extraordinarily high amounts of myo-inositol are found in cantaloupe and citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and lime. Other fruit sources high in myo-inositol include blackberry, kiwi, nectarine, mango, prunes, cherries, peaches, pears, watermelon, apple, and carob fruit.”

That sounds wonderful to me and there are studies to prove it works so I’m just adding the brazil nuts, I already eat mostly fruit, and looking forward to kicking my T3 meds.

I highly recommend anytime you need trustworthy info on any disease and the natural ways to cure it.



New Hormone Research

October 6, 2014

There is a huge upsurge in research about hormones going on and more hormones are being discovered all the time. just had a great newsletter about that with a BBC video about hormone research since they were first discovered to now.

Our glands, that secrete hormones, were not that obvious to researchers, not like bones. And there are no special pathways like nerves or blood vessels that take the hormones here and there in the body so they were not investigated completely until relatively recently.

Dr Mercola also had an interview with Dr Hertoghe, here. I have recommended his book for years and now he has written another one. You can download a transcript of that interview and it explains all the hormones that so drastically affect our lives in a very clear way.

He also tells you things you can do first, nutritionally or with supplements, before you decide to get bio-identicals or thyroid meds. Our hormone production does diminish with age and with stress so women are having symptoms of deficiencies earlier than ever before. In fact, even children are suffering from burnt out adrenals just like adults.

So you owe it to yourself to read this article if you want to stay on top of your game as you age.

Now if you try the first solutions and then find that you need to get tests done and you don’t have access to a doctor who will test you for bio-identicals, there is another option. Many people don’t have alternative doctors in their vicinity and Medicare does not pay for bio-identicals for some ridiculous reason. They are too busy paying for Viagra, the most popular drug in their arsenal!

There is a site online called where you can get blood and saliva tests done by mail and get a clear explanation of what the results mean in a very short time. Less than a two week turnaround. I have used this lab many times and find them highly trustworthy. I do NOT get any kickback from these people, just so you know.

So, if you are tired or crabby or your hair is getting thin or you can’t concentrate very well, it’s time to learn more about hormones and how they affect your life. I know, you are too busy or too tired to do research – been there, said that! At some point you have to spend a little time on yourself and your well-being just so you can get back to being the dynamo you used to be.

I’ve been doing a lot of amazing new things lately and I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have time and energy and mental function to be able to do all that I’m doing. I know people who are sick or depressed that just manage to get through the day. It’s hard for them to do more but they are the ones who need this the most. If you know people like that in your life, point them towards Dr Hertoghe’s article and help them to understand it. Let’s take care of each other!




Have a Chat with your Adrenals

August 28, 2014

It came to me in meditation this morning that my adrenals have been stressed since I was a kid. I had an incident of abandonment when I was four years old. I was rushed to hospital with kidney malfunction and kept there for 2 months. My mother was allowed to visit for an hour a week and my father didn’t come at all because that hour was at work time. And, of course, there was no explanation given at all for any of this. I thought they’d given me away because a new baby had arrived recently. The hospital was run like an army boot camp, the nurses were not allowed to touch me or play with me as I got better and it was like being in jail.

I’ve known for ages that experience was the root of much of my odd way of looking at the world and I’ve done all kinds of therapy on it. But this morning I saw clearly that if anyone had known anything about adrenals back then it could have changed my life. So I had a chat with my adrenals this morning and promised to treat them better and I thought some of you might like to do the same.269556-20418-43

Our adrenals are the two glands that sit on top of our kidneys. They secrete all kinds of hormones that we need to stay balanced, the most important being cortisol. When we are in a stressful situation our adrenals pump out cortisol, the fight or flight hormone, and it gives us a jolt of power. In the usual example of a bear coming closer, we would have the sudden energy to climb a tree, run like heck or pick up a big branch and whack him with it.

So, nowadays, our lives are stressed all the time from the crazy way we live in this culture; traffic, jobs, relationships, finances, responsibilities we wish we didn’t have but can’t get out of, etc. etc. So instead of running to a safe place and settling back into peace, we are always on minor red alert. This destroys the adrenals. I don’t know many women whose adrenals are in great shape actually.

I think adrenal malfunction is one of the first things to set you on the downhill spiral. The thyroid generally goes next, and so on and on, until you become someone you wouldn’t have recognized a few years ago.

I have known for ages what makes my adrenals happy, but haven’t always been able to give them the priority they deserve. So when they are unhappy, I get crabby, when I’m crabby, more bad stuff happens because of my negative energy field. Then I’m even less likely to settle down into a peaceful state that would make them feel happier.

Now my new mantra is – When my adrenals are happy, I’m happy! I am more the joyful, caring person I came into this body to be.

So we had a chat this morning.

I’m really coming to believe that our bodies are like a village, every part of it has it’s own patterns and it’s own agenda and we all have to get along. I apologized from my deepest heart for the abuse I’ve heaped on my adrenals all these years. I sent them huge love and appreciation for allowing me to awaken as much as I have. I told them that now I have a deep connection with Source, (God) my feeling of being alone in the world has dissipated most of the time. And I promised to keep them in my awareness when stuff comes up and deal with it in a way that doesn’t stress them out too much. For instance, if I get mad at something during my day I just release it to Source and bless the person who annoyed me. The adrenals loved that!!

So I realize that to some of you I sound like a complete nut case. But I think that our adrenal health is very connected with our bones and we can do all the right things to improve our bone density but if our adrenals are on red alert all day our whole body suffers and stops growing and starts concentrating on just maintaining the vital organs. Bones are not vital organs to the body so they get put on the back burner.

Adrenal health is also directly connected with sleep – and if we don’t sleep well everything in the body and mind goes downhill.

I won’t bore you with all the things happy adrenals will do for you. I’m sure most of you know all that already. So my main contribution here is to let you know that you can talk to your body parts (your village) and appreciate them and give them love instead of blaming them for your sad or fearful or mad day or even life.



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Older Women and Low Thyroid

February 23, 2010

To recap my thyroid challenges for new readers; I was first told I was hypothyroid a few years ago and put on Armour Thyroid. It worked for a while but then my body developed resistance and I researched the reason and found that if your adrenals were low then treating the thyroid would not work. So I went on adrenal meds as well.

I felt better for a time then I got reverse T3 which is an odd thing the body produces from the T4 in Armour and which takes the place of real T3 in the cells so the Armour doesn’t work any more. Your thyroid actually runs on T3, that’s the active component, but most doctors don’t like to give you that, so they give most women Synthroid, a synthetic T4, which is supposed to be converted by your body into T3.  However as you get older your body has a hard time converting T4 to T3.

Anyway I was on T3 (Cytomel) and adrenal meds (Hydrocortisone) both in very small physiological doses, taking them 3 times a day to imitate my own hormone production and it was all working quite well. This was after a lot of research on my part and a lot of resistance on the part of my doctor. Way back there was an unfounded scare that T3 might cause heart problems and they’ve never gotten over it.

Then over a year ago I went on the raw fruit and greens diet and I suddenly didn’t need my meds any more. I was really happy about that and assumed that my body was now able to make anything I needed now I was giving it the right ingredients.

After about 9 months without meds my doc said I was getting low on thyroid again and now I’ve been told that I’m getting really low and I should go back on the T3.

Well, I did realize that it was happening because my energy had plateaued and then lowered but I was still so much more energetic than anyone around me that I was ignoring it. But suddenly, after being too skinny for the last 6 years, I gained 15 lbs in 3 months since Thanksgiving. I had gone off my diet significantly at this time and thought that was the reason but I really didn’t pig out that much. I’m actually happy to have the weight gain but I don’t want too much of a good thing; enough is enough.

Since I believe that my adrenals have really recovered I will not add those meds back at this time. I’ll see how I do on the T3. But here’s the point of this story – a woman called me this week who is 50 lbs overweight, has brain fog, is out of work, and has no energy. When I said that she sounded hypothyroid to me, she said “Oh, no, I’ve been on Synthroid for years.”

Well, hello! she may have been on it for years and it may have worked for her at some point in the beginning but obviously it is not working for her now.  But the TESTS may still indicate that she is low normal and many doctors measure your thyroid by your tests, not by looking at you or by asking how your life is going.

This woman is a walking example of clinically acceptable thyroid function that doesn’t serve her in real life. There is an epidemic of this now according to alternative physicians. It is another example of how making certain numbers ok and other numbers not ok without regard to the patient involved is just crazy making. Just look at all the body types and different genetic heritages you can see out on the street in the US and tell me that they will all need exactly the same amount of anything!

So, here is this woman spending a lot of time lying on the couch remembering when she was fit and healthy and wishing she could be that way again; but she can’t get to healthy from there. She knows there is something wrong, that life isn’t supposed to feel like this. Probably the next thing she’ll be given is a prescription for anti-depressants, that’s the standard of care for post-menopausal women.

If she did the research she could figure it out for herself but with brain fog that is difficult to do. She has put her doctor in the shoes of the authority figure in her life and she’s taking his word for her health. I wanted to tell her to kick him out of those shoes and step up herself to be her own authority on what was right for her. She knows she doesn’t feel good. Well, just read a list of low thyroid symptoms and she’s a fit for most of them. But I can’t tell her that, I’m not a medical professional.

So here I am writing in this blog at midnight because I can’t sleep thinking about all the women who are being short-changed in their lives because of test results that don’t mean diddly-squat. This is the only legitimate way I have of trying to clue women in. We’ve got to take charge of our own health, we’ve got to hang together and share information and tell our stories because they might help just one other person to get free and get healthy.

Ok, I hope I can sleep now.

Namaste, Pam

PS If you want to comment then please email me. I don’t have comments activated here because of spam problems but feel free to email, click on the right side.

Update on Bio-Identical Hormones

August 6, 2009

It has been over a year since I gave an update on the bio-identical hormones that I’m taking. I actually looked into having a saliva test done for my adrenals so that I would have some concrete “scientific” results to share, but when I filled out the list of symptoms the only one I had was thin hair and I think I was born with that!

So I decided not to waste the money testing and the results I am telling you are based solely on my feelings and knowledge of my own body.

Since I started the rawfood diet in November 2008 I went off the cortisol for the adrenals and the T3 for the thyroid. My pulse rate dropped from over 100 to about 80. I am now eating some cooked food at dinner, a baked potato or some Ezekial bread with avocado on it, or steamed veggies. Just for the pleasure factor. I think it helps me to be happy with the fruit all day long.

So, the bio-identicals that I am still on are estrogen (2 kinds), progesterone and testosterone. They are all put into one cream that I apply to my arm at night. I tried getting them from many different places, some were over $100- a month, and finally found a great compounding pharmacy online that does the same thing for about $27- a month; lovely, helpful, professional people.

My testing on the last lot of thyroid tests from the doc say that I’m getting lower on thyroid and I do feel a little less energetic than I did when I first went off the drugs. BUT, plenty energetic for my lifestyle still. I’ve finished my house remodel and I’m back to my pretty ordinary life so I have no need of superwoman energy.

I also am thinking so much now about my beliefs and thoughts and feelings and the effect they have on my hormones. I spent a chunk of time with my grandkids this summer and that is always exciting for me so when it was over I was feeling a little bereft and bored. When I worked my way back to being happy I immediately had more energy again.

Now I know the hormone cream is working because I am growing muscle finally with the bodyweight exercises I told you about before. I’m working up to Michelle Obama muscles in my arms! Not quite there yet but I am getting visible muscle. I also woke up with sensual dreams several times in the last few months so the cream is working! I thought I’d give you that information in case you have a significant other in your life 🙂

I am perfectly happy with the results of the cream so I won’t worry about increasing or decreasing it at this point. If I do have to take a bit of  T3  for my thyroid at some point then I will. My doc said we’d decide at the next test in 3 months. But you have to remember that lab tests are wrong a lot of the time although doctors believe them like the gospel. Only you know how you feel and that is more important than any test in town.

So, I hit 65 this year and at the moment I am thriving and I really appreciate that my body is working so well and feeling so good. I bought a wetsuit this summer so I could go in the waves and bodysurf with my grandkids. I was actually embarassed at first to put it on. But I got used to it and I loved it. And now I’m looking forward to a trip in the New Year to a place where there is a zip-line. That’s where you sit on this small seat and hang from a wire high in the canopy of a forest and zip along like a monkey. I’ve wanted to do that ever since I first heard about them years ago and now I’m going to.

I think it is important to have something new and exciting in your life to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be big, just a little stretch in any direction can get your creative  juices flowing again. 

 I wish that for all of you who read this,

Blessings, Pam