About Me

When I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2004 after a bone scan, I was offered a prescription for Fosomax. Since I knew from my own research that Fosomax is not good for you, (See Osteoporosis Information) I sought other ways to increase my bone density. I increased my weight bearing exercise, walking and rebounding, and improved my diet.

Being thin, it was hard to get the weight-bearing exercise I needed. Then I discovered the weighted vest. A weightvest enables even the thinnest person to have good weight-bearing exercise without going to the gym. I tried many of the vests on the market and none of them felt good so I designed my own. I was a movement therapist for many years so I knew how to design a vest that will improve movement and feel safe.

Now I feel happy to add the weightvest to my products. It seems that I always have plenty of new ideas and enough energy to carry them out. For this I am truly grateful. A couple of years ago I realized I had Candida and I had very low energy. I was diagnosed shortly after with Diabetes and realized that a lifestyle change was in order. I avoid doctors as much as possible and try not to take drugs so I set out to learn how to heal myself. The internet is such a blessing for people who want to take back control of their health. I know there are many scams and I got caught by some, but there is also an incredible amount of information that I could never have accessed any other way.

I have experimented with many different diets in the last two years and went down to less than 100 lbs while trying to keep my blood sugar under control. Now I am feeling very robust and strong and am starting to regain a little more muscle so I don’t look so scrawny. I am eating a GAPS diet to heal my gut and it feels very healthy and nutritious to me. With this diet and my regular exercise I can keep my blood sugar levels in the safe range.

Looking back, my fifties were the hardest decade for me, so when I hit sixty I made up my mind it would be my best decade yet. It’s working like a charm. The power of Spirit, the power of mind, good nutrition and plenty of exercise are all lined up to keep me the best that I can be.

Update: 2008

Since I was giving out so much nutritional advice to women who called me I got a Nutritional Counselor certificate so that I could share my knowledge with more credibility.

I am actually doing phone consultations on nutritional matters. If you are interested please call 1805 684 4071.

Update: 2009

Now business is slowing from the recession I have time to do art again. Here is a stained glass sculpture I just completed. The inner pieces don’t show up very well, they are rich reds, and purples.

Update 2012

I took up NIA dance two years ago and it improved my life tremendously. I am moving now better than I ever have. I’m flexible and strong and have visible muscles.
I’m 68 now and my mind is still very quick and agile too so I am doing really well.
I am starting to move into a new peace of mind and realize I don’t have to work so hard to earn my breath. I’m not sitting on the couch watching tv but I am opening up to a whole new world of fun and joy that feels really good to me. I have been a Type A workaholic my whole life and this daily adventure of what would please me is wonderful.